How To Make Passive Income – AKA Recurring Revenue

I’ve had quite a few requests for a video on passive income, how to make it and my take on why passive income is important.

Leave your comments below if you have questions, thx for watching.


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xpicklepie says:

Rental Houses.
Buy ’em cheap and rough around the edges – clean ’em up and rent ’em out.
Beats the heck outta the stock market.

MGTOW Lawyer says:

Now teach us how to make passive-aggressive income LOL

WWII Kittyhawk says:

I think your a clever man changing $20 for a question. Fucking brilliant idea. I get asked questions all the time and I’m fucking broke with no pussy haha

Jacob Whisel says:

Can you do a video on how to find your passion, or how you found yours?

map182 says:

How is booking your time for coaching Passive Income? It seems to violate the definition you just gave for Passive Income.

Alpha Ghost says:

Nothing much but, I would like to say that I’m very thankful for bringing to my attention of MGTOW and what it means as well as all your other videos on “certain types” of women out there and I couldn’t agree with you more. As a new subscriber I’m pleased with your content as well as your advice. Keep up the great work.

F3ND1MUS says:

keep on kraken bro

LibertarianTV says:

so What passive income business would you create today if you had to start over again ?

caspa7 says:

Wait, clarityFM is not passive income, you actually have to use your time and resources to get that money repeatedly.

kc4ril says:

This was nothing about how to make passive income, it was a very basic overview about what it is with no practical information. The title should simply be something like “have you heard the term passive income?”

Tree Tea says:

good video 🙂

Waheed360 says:

Are you from the Vaughan/Aurora area? I swear those street look super familiar!

Ande A. says:

I operate the same way with my investing & business ideas/developments. Building a strong brand as well as customer loyalty over a lifetime is also very very important.

I have a couple business ideas I am working on proof of concept with, but will throw them your way when I am finished as potential investment or something you may be interested in..would like to hear what you think of them.
And, don’t forget real estate investing and stocks/bonds that pay dividends as passive income opportunities, especially when you think of “proven” money making concepts; as for a foundational steady passive income stream those are (typically) more reliable than a strictly entrepreneurial concept.

Just thought I’d mention. Great video & content as per usual. 🙂

wawaldi says:

What happened to the sunglasses ?

zodiacfml says:

I quite don’t agree with his explanation why he likes passive income; I guess it doesn’t need defense. Passive income is great for a person with extra capital and/or time to spare. Most common is property rentals. With extra cash laying around doing nothing in the bank and time to spare to deal with property maintenance and tenants, it is good passive income. I’ve heard people with jobs and family are juggling time to maintain their passive income, and it works.

Jules Davies-Hinds says:

Best passive income, become a banker.

d4v1d5c0tt says:

I’m an electrician and I have a small passive income. It goes like this. When I install domestic CCTV people often want to remote view there cameras on there phone. In the U.K. Domestic ip addresses change regularly so having a gateway through your firewall can be tricky. I host a ddns server which gets around this problem and I then charge the customer £5 a month for me to host them. I’m up to 20 customers so it’s still small but I like it 🙂

Alvaro Rangel says:

Long time subscriber here. I don’t think good valuable advice should be free, but wait isn’t coaching trading time for money? There is only so many hours you can coach someone right? I don’t get the connection how that’s passive income?

Hunter Neeley says:

I was lucky enough to find an ultra wealthy mentor in Beverly Hills who showed me the power of “involvement.” Involvement = amount of time and money required to produce in a business. Guy has made millions from information products and luxury e commerce items. Has his girlfriends (yes plural) manage the shipping and customer service for his ecom businesses. I’ve begun modeling my income around the same ideologies.

Mário says:

Hey Richard, can you be more detailed about writing books to amazon? What tool do you use to write them and format them to then sell it on Amazon? Is it necessary to have a special amazon account for this?

John Sebring says:


Vitaliy Verbenko says:

Hey man I watch your videos all the time and great job. Just to touch up on that – and I think you forgot to mention this in your video. Subscription / revenue always requires MUCH MORE support. That is the tradeoff – and where your recurring expenses will be – so nothing can be 100% passive in practice.

For example the guy installing devices in trucks or dollar shave club – if the device malfunctions or the blades dont come in, these clients will be on your ass and threaten to quit if things don’t go their way. So you need to bend over backwards to make them happy. One example is 24/7 support. The truck guy might need to have a technician 24/7 to fix the device on a fleet truck. Or Dollar shave club might need to send out free razors the next day if there is a mix up. Another example that we all know in Canada is cell phone companies upgrading you when you threaten to cancel.

A big thing you forgot to mention is IT. SaaS software, etc. It’s not news and currently the majority of products are becoming subscription based. You could make more videos on this (expenses, revenue, profit, business structure, ideas, etc) and I am sure it would be helpful – especially coming from a Canadian perspective (I am Canadian too).

Devil Park25 says:

A question did you read Dr.Robert Glovers’ No More Mr.Guy ” any thoughts on it?

Arno Nühm says:

5:40 I don’t understand. How is booking your time 1:1 another example of passive income? Isn’t it the very opposite as you argued in the beginning of your video? It seems to me as if you are contradicting yourself here?

Karam Levi says:

Great Video. Will book you when I can. It’s a honor.

TheFragranceGuy says:

I run subscription based business, freaking LOVE it. Guys check out valuetainment channel, great one.


If i ever have a questions i will pay those $20.00 … is 20 fucking 17 if you can’t find 20 bucks to improve yourself i feel bad for those people. They will never get ahead with their scarcity mentality.

Medo says:

Hello, what would you suggest for teen that wants to make money over the summer? Maybe online? Is graphic design good? thanks in advance

Ivan Drago says:

another bullshit

Mark K says:

or you got electric shaver and never buy anything monthly. one time smart investment. good examples tho 😉

josh198599 says:

Buy an old house on a good size block of land
knock it down
build three townhouses
sell two, pay for the third
collect rent for the third (passive income)
refinance the property you kept as down payment for your next house
buy decent house with big back yard
sub divide the land
build a unit out back
sell the unit
profit goes toward paying off mortgage on front house
rental income should exceed interest payments
remainder is your passive income
refinance home, use as down payment for your next property

B.J. Roland says:

My wife and I just started buying rental properties.

See In Inn says:

all these people keep telling me to smash some button… come on!! I’m on my 7th tablet already! I’m not gonna keep smashing the button along with my screen! gawd!

TheHvk says:

Everyone and their grandma is searching for the rent-seeking behavior of passive income.

reese bobby says:

good content BFAM

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