How to Make Passive Income from Art, Design Photography and Video with Fliiby

Using Fliiby to Monetize Your Art, Design, Photography and Videos.
Fliiby is an online platform you can use to earn money online by monetizing your content and artwork with ads.

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There are more opportunities to make money online with your artwork, design and video content. You don’t always have to use adsense or YouTube ads to do it either. You can make money online by monetizing you content in platforms like Fliiby and earn ad revenue much the same way as you would with a YouTube video. But you’re not limited to video. You can make money online from your original music, photography, artwork and design.









Nikon D3300
Audio Technica ATR2100
Zoom H1 Recorder:
TakStar Shotgun Mic
Zeikos Tripods 2X
SP Lighting Kit
Lexar HR2 Workflow Hub
Lexar SR2 SD Card Reader 4X
Lexar Memory Cards 32GB 5X
Transcend Memory Cards 32GB 8X
Seagate Desktop Backup
Editing Software Adobe Premiere Pro CC


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Vaughn says:

I haven’t found one person that has giving any estimates on what they’re earning on fliiby. Is there anyone? Does anyone know?

alec haynes says:

If you don’t already make beats just telling you now it gets technical. A lot of mixing.

Ibragim Ismailov says:

Thanks for the helpful insight Roberto.

Terry Lyle says:

Hey Roberto!
I worked for 40 years illustrating and designing. Unfortunately, all of that was “work for hire” and I don’t have the rights to use the over 35,000 pieces of art I created for the company I worked with over all that time. None-the-less, now retired, I think I can carry on. I’m grateful for your insights about to how that might be possible. It’s not just the young who need to hear this. Us old guys, who knew “paste-up” and “rubylith” and “letraset” and X-acto knives”, but moved into the “computer age” need all the help we can get from people like you. I’m “retired” but I haven’t stopped “working”. A million thanks for this.

JP-Fitness says:

how can I make passive income on a business related Facebook page? or can I not do it on facebook?

cookie4wookiee says:

this is a great idea to use some of the great pics ive taken and mabe get some money from other pepole likeing what ive enjoyed takeing.thanks for the vid

Svetlana Kotova says:

I checked out fliiby, and as far as I understand, if you post something there, other users can’t download the actual files. So it doesn’t make sense to upload any vector artwork (like that icon sets hat you’ve mentioned in your video). Or am I missing something?

Travis Gulley says:

When I actually do make enough money on fliiby someday I will buying a better laptop with the money and possibly a PlayStation 4 someday with the money made off of the ad revenue things that I will be putting my ad revenue towards is a car amplifier and some car subwoofers and a PlayStation 4 and a better laptop and of course a newer iPhone

kenTV says:

thanks man!

Aemon Warrick says:

This is one of your best videos. I have tried to get people to explain stock image and asset sights but no one knew what I was talking about. Finally someone has shared insight into this. Thank you very much I have made an account and uploaded some files. Asking a question that one can answer is very frustrating thanks for giving the answer.

David Jarman says:

so its creativemarket….?

jesusmofochrist 6 says:

glad i discovered this channel . i really enjoy the content you put ouy

Jamie Reynolds says:

i’m a huge fan bro! great video! thanks!

HChrisH200 - Haphazard Homestead says:

Fliiby seems like an expanded version of TSU, which pays for views on your posts and comments. I’ve been using TSU since November and experimenting with building an audience there and driving them to my YouTube channel. I post photos, mostly related to my channel, but with some different creative photography, too. Like anything, it takes time and effort to build a community that engages with your stuff. But it is a step up from Facebook because it pays out for all that engagement. People interested in TSU can sign up with my shortcode: It looks like Fliiby is the same sort of thing, but newer and smaller, and you can upload more types of files.

Bertie Speirs says:

Question about ownership of content rights – you showed what looks like a cosplayer at this point in the video. I would assume that the costume design belonged to the original artist, and perhaps even that interpretation of the costume design to the cosplayer – doesn’t that run you into rights issues? Totally understand if it’s a documentary / news piece, but selling stock photos (which could end up anywhere) of a person dressed as a character…. seems iffy? I’d assume you’d need both the cosplayers signature on a release form (allowing you to make money from their appearance) as well as a release from the fictional character rights holder…. Thoughts? (great channel btw)

ScottTheTruckDriver says:

if I am doing the marketing, why wouldn’t I just use my own site and get all of the revenue and have full control? I can build a community through more popular platforms.

HardworkingT says:

First off, your wallpaper is epically amazing! Almost couldn’t focus on the message 🙂 How long have you been using this site? And have u generated any income from this site yet? Or could u do a review of your experience of using the site, post endorsement run.

brad ennis says:

does Pintrest have similar features?

Lance Mechaneck says:

Hi Roberto,

If someone has a film school background in script writing, is there a way to apply that to do something like this or anything else for businesses as your own business ?



Maurice Marsh says:

so….. are you the one who make this video or did someone else do it for you.

ChakraW says:

Did you do something to your hair or did you get a new hat?

_Thunderbolt_ says:

Thanks for Fliby I think its a really great way of expanding my work and ideas to Create Something Awesome

melanie wilkins says:

This is awesome, thanks!

Aemon Warrick says:

First thanks Roberto this.
What are the numbers behind this? Can someone explain the math behind stock photo sites? I have thought about doing stock photo art but it seems like the returns are very small. It seems like its a few cents per purchase.

InQart says:

is shopify a good place to use to start a T-shirt Business??

Steven Lacy says:

Nice video. My name is Steve Lacy and I was interested in making passive income online but was curious to know, what does the monetize process consist of? For an example do I need a PayPal account? I’ve seen videos of the different avenues of making money online but was curious of when I start making it, when and how can I get it in my personal bank account. Thank you

Hiro Mamoru says:

Hey Roberto I am anime/manga freelance artist who draws anime characters that I see on pictures.Just to be sure is it safe for me to have them uploaded to that Fliiby site to monetize Your anime fanart? I hope so I want to make a passive income through selling them online and I am determined to make a real passive income online too.

Classical Biography says:

Great idea!

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