How to Make Passive Income NOW through Dividend Investing

How can you make money online through passive income? Passive income can be made on a monthly basis through something called dividend investing. You invest in dividends from a stock in the stock market by re-investing the dividends you make as that dividend. You make more money every month from re-investing your dividends.

What do you look for in a dividend stock?
1) little fluctuation
2) high yield
3) monthly dividends

Why dividend stocks for passive income?
1) DRIP formula/snowball effect
2) guaranteed ROI (return on investment)
3) long-term hold

If you do not currently invest, I highly recommend buying dividend stocks with Robinhood, which is currently available for iOS/Android. It has no fees, you can start with any amount of money (even $1), and you can invest in stocks for free with it. Sign up for Robinhood:


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Dillion Parrish says:

LDP is a closed end fund. T is a common stock.

Paulo Moniz says:

bro, there’s this thing called microsoft powerpoint. You don’t need that paper & ping pong table.

joein954 says:

i want to see your results, see how things are working out with your plan

Loren Bowles says:

Does LDP still pay monthly dividends

My Dub Choice says:

that mic though

thousandaire radio says:

getting the robin hood app right now. I forgot about dividends, cool plan. thanks for sharing

YellowDucky Media says:

What do you think about orc?

Victor Nilon says:

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MrKalon52 says:

Now this is the kind of stock trading channel I’ve been looking for. Awesome video man

Dominic Belley says:

Just my 2 cents. Yes invest in dividend stocks and reinvest dividends but do not inject new cash in the same stock as shown in the video, it is way too risky to put all your money in one basket. I suggest one stock in your portfolio should not worth more than 5% of your entire portfolio. That means you should invest the same amount in at least 20 different companies. This way if a company drops a lot, your portfolio value won’t be too affected.

Diego Salazar says:

bro i hope i dont get lost in the sauce bro

madamadam158 says:

i have never invested in my life and i do not even know how to, Would you mind helping me with my first investment?

Jo Chora says:

So how’s your portfolio doing now?


i fall in love for your microfone !

Ellen Weston says:

Brand new asset class

Phillip Transue says:

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darwin jay says:

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dfc576 says:

Good info.

AD2510 says:

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My Best Friend Vlad says:

Thanks man

Derrick Matthews says:

I’ve recently been looking into dividend investing and I found $PSEC as one of my top choices. This video was more reassurance, and I’ll be sure to check on $LDP. Appreciate the video. This could help so many people if they knew to search for it.

joe morrow says:

Hey do you have an one on one coaching program

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David Crandall says:

So who has $500 extra dollar per month to put into stock after paying the bills?

Jonah Romine says:

Nice video man

Michael Evans says:

nice video bro. what tools & strategies do you use to find your monthly divided stocks?

1256 8488 says:

Ldp is exactly the kind of stock I was looking for! Thanks dude.

Poojan Patel says:

I started investing stocks 3 years ago when I was 10

KytoRS says:

i love the way you held up the sheet. #innovativethinking

Amelia Pond says:

Like what is the point of this channel? Like go to your old videos, half of them are you making absolute cancer drinks; but check out your new ones, what are they? What is the fucking theme of your videos? And get a better fitting shirt

Brigitte Brandt says:

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