How To Make Passive Income Online in 2019 💵 5 Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

5 Ways on How to make passive income online 2019
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How To Make Passive Income in 2019 – Passive Income Ideas Tutorial 2019

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In this video, I give you the complete blueprint on how to make passive income online in 2019.

Making passive income might seem like a dream to some, and it’s not super easy, but once you know the way to do it, it’s totally possible to make money online.

In this video, i’ll give you tips on how to make passive income online and passive income on youtube as well. We’ll also touch on how to make passive income online in 2019 using Shopify, amazon affiliates, print on demand and drop shipping as well.

We’ll also talk about the option of creating course and having that as an income stream that can be passive as well.

I’ll also talk about some of the following ways:

• Make Passive income by starting a shopify site
•  Make Passive income by Dropshipping using oberlo
• Make Passive income by Printing on demand
•  Make Passive income by Starting a youtube channel
•  Make Passive income by joining the Amazon Affiliate program


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TightSqueeze Jam at FB says:

#5 Start YouTube channel.
#4 Sell courses
#3 Affiliate links (you recommend things, you get commission 4 each sale). Link say Amazon affiliate link in description.
#2 Print-on-demand. You create design and they do the work and send it off. (drop shipping)
#1 Drop ship=Obolo (29.00/mo).

The only problem here is it can take forever to ship something from China (2-4 weeks). Can be bad quality control (???).

Chris Winter says:

Hey guys, I hope you like my first video 🙂

The Post Color Blog says:

Thanks for sharing Chris!! I’ve enjoyed watching you grow over these last 4 years! I’ve admired how you’ve been able to market yourself, and use Amazon to get some income! I actually have a course, and I’m selling luts, but the tshirts are a great idea! Can’t wait to see more videos, as I am trying to make YouTube a significant source of my income.

anjong austre jr says:

thank you for the info chris…. very useful tips for all…

Shiny Robert says:


Juniper Lemuel Jingco says:

Woot Woot!

Chris Winter says:

Who are your favourite entrepreneurs? I like Gary Vee and Richard Branson. Let me know below

Maan Rai says:

Awesome Video really appreciate

Citizen Drake says:

i’ve had a channel for a little over a year now and think the video’s we post are good enough yet only have 22 subs one of which is my wife’s, how do we get to the thousands you’re talking about?

NHWoodsider says:

<< From NH, USA Name is also Chris! :P Love the channel, I do both photography and videography and am now branching out into print and merchandise for my brand so this is perfect :)

7berdeg says:

You should use those tips .

Astro says:


Kara with a K says:

Great advice!!
I started my channel 2 months ago and have 18 subscribers so it’s just a baby channel now but I’m hoping 2019 it will grow a lot

erica norton says:

Thank you Chris. This was a good refresher for me. I had heard of these ways of passive income. Some I wasn’t real sure about. But you explained it so well that now I feel like I can move forward. I really appreciate your help so much that I am subscribing and hitting your notification bell.


Chris Ur Handsome

Chris Winter says:

What country are you from? Let me know below!

Gaming ke Guru says:

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Tharin Perera says:

Really Love your work.I would like to have some advice on how to grow a YouTube channel that currently exits

Dan Gold says:

Helpful video — Shopify has a great affiliate program. You should link to it in your description!

Tahir Danish says:

Thank u so very much for this vid sir I so much needed this kind of help.

Barbara Plante says:

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illo bit says:

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Santiago Betancour says:

Nice! I didn’t know about affiliate links.

Chris Winter says:

If you enjoyed the video, I’d love if you leave a comment and a like so more people can see my new channel 🙂

Refer Friend says:

Great video Chris. I just started with affiliate marketing and am trying to learn other ways to earn passive income.

For me, the biggest hurdle is getting the traffic and also not stopping at​ the initial stages.

Chris Winter says:

In this video I go in depth on a few ways on how to make some passive income for next year, you can do it!

dopibram lyric says:

Great video keep it up bro.

romeo le prince charmant says:

Thank you Chris this was helpful

Daniel Miller says:

Great stuff, Chris! For everyone reading this, be sure to visit his photography channel. You’ll see his tips being successfully executed. It’s of great value not only if you’re a photographer, but if you’re an entrepreneur. Sierra Hotel, Chris!

MJ Yordanova says:

Great new channel, Chris!
Loved it very interesting and helpful!

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