How to Make Passive Income Online – Laptop Lifestyle (Part 1)

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Enes Dedic says:

Thanks Brendan!

J. Gadget says:

Ok it’s supposedly not hard, but Brendan, you cash in 5 to 6k, I would expect little more, given the fact that you need to run 10-12 accounts (Amazon, Clickbank etc., Youtube,…). :/ Idk man, but 5-6k is enough for a country such as Columbia, but for London it’s not, in London or New york in order to have a normal life (living in the center, social interaction, investing money etc.) you need at least 10k. Thanks for all the adive !

jein hua Jiang says:

dear friendsmin the net world  who knows how may wife of barack obama ?chc

Carlos Lewis says:

Hi Brendan, I purchased my first solo ad for an IM site and I was pleased with the list. I have another site which is not IM related (small niche) and I  am learning that the best approach would be to contact another business in the same niche and ask to buy a solo ad.  I still don’t get it, though.  If I were a competing niche, why would a place your offer in my newsletter going to my customers?

dfxjedi says:

Is there Some way I can replace your picture in that email list with mine without having to go through every one of those emails individually ?

Elnora Gray-Mason says:

why does not done for you don’t go anywhere

JayKnowMore says:

hello branden thank u for ur helpful video. i wonder how much u pay a month on autoresponder for 10k list

champcash tv says:

Hello sir I am fan of you sir I have a plan for you please message me my whatsapp contact 9919985004 please sir

pauljames776 says:

Great stuff Brendan! List building is a massive topic and something that will take a while to master, however at its core and especially for beginners, it can be simplified at it’s most basic level. While there can be sophisticated funnels and plenty of means to get traffic, I think most marketers over complicate it and that can put most beginners off. I think Brendan does a tremendous job in showing that anyone can put together a basic sales funnel in one weekend, so there’s no excuse not to take action!

Rooney Manutd says:

Brendan Mace I downloaded your website graphics pack.
how can I edit it online or offline?

Larry Hoover says:

Brendan,WOW! Your 1st video regarding passive income was the best.  Bye 4 now.  Onward to #2, #3 and #4.  Thanks  Larry

Sew Ninja says:

Howdy Brendan..I was freaking out a little when I thought I had used the wrong link to get aweber..I couldn’t remember which YouTube video had that aweber link on it so I went to your website, clicked that link and signed up lol..well I remembered you had that email sequence and I thought I couldn’t get it, called aweber..talked to a nice girl and she said you got credit for it..but I think I jumped the gun because I just re-watched the video and you just put this email sequence code in when you create a campaign..anyway I also bought the wp-profit builder through your link..I’m ready!! Bring it on clickbank funnel! Thanks Brendan..I refer to your videos a lot for information and reference:)

spriggs1665 says:

great lesson. love the way you uncomplicated it all.

Daniel Ferguson says:

I am new to Internet marketing ( I still have a full time job ) but I am making progress slowly but surely, your videos seem to be very informative and simple to understand so thanks for your that, when I have enough experience I want to project the same attitude you have of giving allot of free content away to help people like me who are new and filter out allot of BS. I have a “sendlane” account for my autoresponder but see if I opened up a Awebber acoount and wanted to copy my list over to Awebber without typing them in 1 by 1 ,I mean I don’t have a huge list ( about 600 ) but still, it would be easier to copy and paste if it was possible.

Rob Vrckovski says:

Hey Brendan. Why can’t I find the campaign sharing on my weber account? I’ve had weber now for about a month and I can remember seeing it there. Am I to late or something?

mega trust says:

You can start earning money today with our system, Just Google *”chriseo online money machine”*, sign up for free and contact me to set you properly

chris Hardesty says:

i highly reccomend you get it through that link dont google it pls *Lol’d*

The Sincerest One says:

truth is good to hear

Michael Carpenter says:

I have heard nightmare stories of people having lists with thousands of subscribers getting shut down by Aweber over a few complaints and loosing all of their investment in getting those subscribers. Do you know how one can protect themselves from this?  Or what to do if this happens to you?  Thanks!

Social Media Hype Man says:

Awesome I Enjoyed your clip! I hope we can be Mutual supporters Please make more Videos?

SimpleStep1 says:

Easy tutorial to follow and very informative contents. Keep up the great works!

MauiTechy says:

Hello Brendan, do you have a video tutorial on setting up Aweber and doing the email marketing, so I would know how to load your email sequences and sending the broadcast.. Thanks a lot you give great value to us bro.

Peter Edmunds says:

I have earned a regular revenue with “mizi shocking plan” (Google it). Hands down you can not discover a better plan for producing an income. Look up, “mizi shocking plan” on google and finally be able to successfully start your own company online. Wishing you luck and hoping you enjoy this guide.

Carlos Lewis says:

Thanks for the Aweber messages, Brendan!

Frickin' Sweet Vapes says:

It says your website is disabled.

Chris Gilmour says:

Ok, I get it its a really cool and appealing idea. I am however curious how to get started? Your market is making money online, but how can you start within that market if you first have not made money online? I realise that once someone has a proven track record like you and many others i can understand how this market can be relevant, however what would be a realistic start up market?

Other than that my main question is how do I, the every day person who wants financial freedom and is willing to work for it, get started?

Carlos Andres Diaz Henao says:

lastima que tu video de instruccion este en ingles soy latino vivo en colombia y maenjo bastante face book con comunidad latina lo mismmo que twuiter son pocas las conexiones con extranjeros entonces de verdad es dificil trabajar con ustedes

Johan Hultin says:

But is this not like spam?

Satyajit Adhikary says:

thanks,100% Passive Income
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Samantha Simms says:

Thank you so much Brendan I was able to download the Aweber for the Follow Up Series. That’s a lot of emails I’m one step closer to building my affiliate business.

Sebastian Lyman says:

If you have not ever seen this creating money online technique, “mizi shocking plan” research on google all about it. If you have still been seeking to discover a successful online business chance this one is what you need. As soon as you get started with this fantastic program, you’ll understand what you really need to know about becoming a dotcom entrepreneur. I know with out a doubt you will achieve results like I have..

Shaza Ibrahim says:

Thank you so much very helpful information. can you provide us with profit builder link, also I want to know from where I can find products to promote ?

Michael Carpenter says:

Why would one want to have more than one Aweber account?

Igor Tabaranu says:


Mill Coach says:

Cheers for the awesome review, very good facts mentioned there and extremely sincere indeed.

ole sejr says:

have you a newbee program

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