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Learn how to make passive income online in this video and blog post so that you can start making money online with these passive income business models, including niche website information products, affiliate marketing, Amazon review websites, Kindle book marketing, and Google Adsense advertising. This website is a great place for you to get started!






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Project Life Mastery says:

For 0.99 you’ll only make 35% royalty, around 35 cents per book. The books will be up forever. You can enroll in the KDP Select program also, which is for 3 months, but your book is only exclusive to Amazon and can’t be published anywhere else. I have a few techniques for this. I’m releasing a product soon on this, check out my latest videos on passive income to learn more about that!

Thomas Ferguson says:

Thank you !

RedMoonRising24 says:

My first time seeing this older video but full of great info, thanks Stefan!

Project Life Mastery says:

Thanks Jim I appreciate that, I will be sure to create more in the future.

Wassim Aouadi says:

thank you

mahasamud114 says:

I am sure you heard of empower network before (if you mention EN in this vid, I’m sorry, still watching 😉 ). What are your thoughts? I am VERY cautious and ambivlent about it.

RobotechII says:

I got some great ideas from this video thanks a lot Stefan.

Ria Nag says:

Thanks for the information……and I will check out your website.

Visionary Motivation says:

AWESOME STUFF BROTHA! Keep up the great content and actual resources and links in the description would be even better then it already is. GREAT STUFF!

Project Life Mastery says:

Not true. I sell my Kindle books for $2.99, get 70% royalty, and went from making $300/month from Kindle to $4000/month within 2-3 months.

Project Life Mastery says:

Not at $0.99, you’ll make $0.35 per book, as they pay only a 35% royalty for that. I’d check out my Kindle Money Mastery program, will answer everything there in it and will make you money.

Joseph Carducci says:

How long did you stay in Colombia (and which city)? I am currently living in Barranquilla (am an American married to a Colombian woman). You’ve probably moved on since this video is more than 2 years old, but if you ever get down this way again, it would be great to possibly meet in person…think we both have a pretty interesting story.

ODanboy says:

The only two life experts I know off have a diss functional life. Ones an alcoholic & the other don’t know if she’s coming or going.

Ria Nag says:

Do you think I can make passive income by starting an online relationship/career advice blog where people pay a small fee?

SaritaVee says:

Great video. Really illuminated the concept of passive income AND great, tangible examples of how to make it. Thank you so much for this.

Zharkan16 says:

You do know you’re not allowed to speak about what you make with youtube, you can get banned from the partnership… just sayin

m1 says:

The kindle ebooks tips are great. thanks.

Project Life Mastery says:

Amazon has 2 royalty options: 35% and 70%. 70% is if you price your book anywhere from $2.99 to $9.99. I price my books at $2.99 at first, then once I get more reviews and my book is ranking highly, I change the price to $4.99 or more.

Mike Peterson says:

Thank you sir, I appreciate the information. 

Marianne Manliclic says:

Why do I have a good feeling that this guy is saying the truth…. I’m getting tingly excited to make money soon!

Chris The Official says:

39:21 – Subaru Impreza on the street? 😀 Anyway, great video, i really like it and i will try them all 😀

Project Life Mastery says:

Thanks, check out the blog post for links to resources!

Aman saif says:

Jobless at home? Share your experience to the world while you’re working at home watch just one minute clip, really it will change your life style A Perfect Internet Online Homebase Job Opportunity Work At Home Part Time Or Full Time (

Project Life Mastery says:

Nope. If you get your blog or site ranked in Google for the keywords people are searching for, such as the product name, and people click through your blog and buy the product, you get paid. I get a lot of traffic to my blog and site for certain products and people don’t know me at all, but they click through and buy the product and I get paid for it.

Project Life Mastery says:

I’d recommend the program I released last month called Kindle Money Mastery. I’m totally open and transparent in it, and so far have had many awesome success stories! I’d generally stay away from all of the comments that bots are posting on this video… those ones are most likely scammy. I have some more videos on my channel about how I make money with Kindle, be sure to check them out.

majisty census says:


thank you sir 🙂

Project Life Mastery says:

Not much with YouTube, maybe $100-$200/mo?

Gediminas Čilinskas says:

Its a little complicated business model with kindle ebooks, because selling fees are high: Less than 40 items/month $0.99 per sale + other selling fees and
More than 40 items/month $39.99 per month + other selling fees.
Kindle books are cheap so its hard to make big money.

Minerva Labrador says:

How can I get started on it? Please replay back


What about just writing books in general, not really a How To book? Could I do that using this method?

Project Life Mastery says:

Possibly. In the world of the internet, everything is becoming easier to get for free, so it’d be very difficult to get someone to pay for something they can get online for free so easily.

Project Life Mastery says:

I price mine at $2.99, which means I get paid 70% royalties. Anywhere from $2.99 to $9.99 you’ll get 70% royalty. Pricing depends on how your book is ranking, how long your book is, how many reviews you have, etc…

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