How to make passive income is one of the things a lot of people will try to “teach” you just so they can get your money to buy their courses. In this video I will explain what passive income actually is and how to make passive income yourself, and no I won’t give you any link or any course to buy – it’s a free video.

How to make passive income or passive income online can really change your life. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of hard work and patience involved in making passive income online, and also even when you set up your system you still need to maintain it from time to time. So making money online isn’t as easy as you thought.

Passive Income isn’t easy and you won’t make money online overnight. Making Passive Income Online is about using systems, strategies, and tactics that establish businesses have used for years. Passive Income is something real businesses use today.

In the next video I will share some of my favorite passive income ideas and ways to make money online so you too can learn how to create passive income. Let the games begin!

The best thing about passive income is that after you set up one stream that brings you stable money, you can focus your attention to build another stream of passive income. Do that 10-15 times and just watch the money roll in while you sleep.

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Ariesticnig says:

I just stumbled upon the channel ‘Practical phycology’, which covered exactly this topic (passive income). I found his graphics to be quite similar to yours…. You do his graphic works occasionally?

Pursuit of Wonder says:

Interesting breakdown! I like your point about the value of maintaining ownership of creative work. Good stuff!

Keven Steven Llm says:

Own your time, do not sell them for short term happiness. I really like this video

Improve Life says:

Nice video!

Jupiter MILK says:

Great video. please look into EQing your voice.


love with your way of delivering the concept

MrNocturnaldaze says:

LOL 2 downvotes so far on the first day.

How could you dislike a video showing you how to get out of the rat race trap?

Mr. BabyCakes says:

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Louis Ricci says:

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waiting for your next video

Black Screen Education says:

Another great video. I really loved the way you delivered the message trough the story.

Carlo Piana says:

This guy needs to get his math straight.

Thea Titan says:

I like the idea behind it but youtube videos don’t always bring in cash if their not being watched and they go through the video death thing

Better Insight says:

Great work

The Achiever Skills says:

This is a great video! Explained in a really creative way! Love your work :)!

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