How to make Passive Income: Why I make $6470/month

Here’s exactly how I make $6470 per month….or $215 per day…in passive income. I’ll also share some great ways to make money on the side and why it’s so much better to have your money working for YOU, than YOU working for money. Feel free to add me on Snapchat and Instagram: GPStephan

How I make $6470 per month:
Owning five rental properties – $4650/month
Paying down mortgages – $1600/month in equity
Index Fund VFIAX – $200/month
Ally Bank Savings Account – $20/month

Note: The rental properties aren’t 100% still requires some time accounting income and expenses… but seriously, I have everyone on staff to handle things as they come up. Maybe one hour of work per month, sometimes two.

I essentially keep my spending at the level I make from the rental properties so that everything else I earn from real estate can be re-invested to make more money. That way I can ramp up my investments and keep the portfolio growing.

Some other great ways of earning passive income include:

Investing in Real Estate – Rental Properties

Investing in the stock market – I’m a fan of Vanguard Index Funds

Owning intellectual property such as ebooks, websites, online marketing…and maybe even YouTube 😉

Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping can be good choices.

Through semi-absentee owned businesses such as Laundromats, Self Storage Centers, Car Washes, etc.

Owning your own business and hiring out people to manage the day-to-day operations

Peer to Peer lending –,, etc.

If you’ve actually read this far, I hope you appreciate the transparency – I’m doing these videos as an example of what’s possible and to plant the seed why passive income and investing is absolutely important.

Thanks again for watching! Feel free to comment below, let me know your thoughts, questions, anything…

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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Shinidoshi says:

That anecdote about money = employees takes the phrase “hiring people is expensive” to the 4th dimension.

Joseph Elmajian says:

I am a part time bank teller and a full time accounting student. I do have some good money saved up, but what recommendations would you give for a 20 year old just starting out in life? Lol

Anthony Pietrobono says:

Hey Graham how old are you now? Thanks for the video. I love your vids man. Looking into investing in real estate in the near future.

Alex Sanchez says:

You da man. that channel keeps growing! Where do you invest? I’m buying my first rentals this year.

SWProspector says:

Good job on the “passive” rental income. In other areas of the US it can be done but takes a few more homes. 🙂
As a part time realtor, I usually list low end homes. I have my first million dollar listing but I find that it is causing me to be more timid. I’m putting way too much time into a simple email to the seller, no photo is good enough…and did I mention procrastination? Any advice to getting the confidence to work with high end listings?

John Magdaraog says:

I love love your videos. Please don’t be like Tai Lopez who starts selling shit on every single videos it’s a major TURN-OFF.

Aaron Ginkenz says:

Hello Graham,

Thank you for your transparency! And thank you for being an AWESOME PERSON!

Zain Ali says:

What if you cant afford the monthly payments on your mortgage if a tenant decides to leave. Then you would have to make that payment. Also a 20 year old like me to go into a bank and get a loan would be laughable. I dont think they would give me anything

Nick O says:

What do you think about the adpocalypse?

WapPale MapTravay says:

What’s your net worth Stephan

ryan shannon says:

whats drop shipping ?

LevaniBond says:

1:50-2:00 Guys can you explain what does that mean ?

hihaters2004 says:

The write offs will drop drastically with the new trump tax plan.

Carter Daily says:

yup i saw the whole thing again
love what you doing dude i really do

gan pillai says:

Graham, I wish you are nearby. I want to hug you man ! I will be soon 70 years old. Your grand dad, learning from you !!


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Victor Efughi says:

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S P says:

Counting $1600/month loan payments as a part of the “passive income”, are you kidding? Total BS.

Qiyue Zhang says:

How reliable is P2P lending? Their return rates seem extremely promising, but since it’s a new concept, and something that isn’t federally regulated, is there a possibility that the borrowers will not pay back (ex they file for bankruptcy)?

blingy5 says:

Im 17 and have about $3000 saved up, what do you recommend I do now to start getting passive income? Thank you for your videos they are amazing

Yandy Estrada Realty says:

Do you buy Single-family house or do you buy duplex or quadplex?

Nick O says:

What’s your thought on residential Real Estate? I live in a neighborhood that’s right next to a college. I live in a house my dad owns and once I start my career I want to buy the house from him and start renting it out to college students . I expect about 2350 a month total(500 for 2 rooms that share bath, 600 for w/ bath, and 750 for master).
We have 2 empty rooms right now and I want to rent mine out and sleep on the couch if my dad will let me. I hate seeing the money go to waste.

Life Long says:

Feeling motivated!!! Good video! passive income is definitely the way to go, Im only at about $100 monthly, but im on my way

Dameon Wite says:

Watched the whole vid. Absolutely love your mindset and enthusiasm. My birthday is in 2 days and my goal before I turned 19 was to have $30 passive income a month ($1 per day). With YouTubers like you, Reddit forums, late night creating net worth excel sheets, and just being obsessed with passive income/financial independence, I’m pleased to report my average monthly passive income is approximately $150 per month after inflation and taxes. Your a superstar Graham. Thanks for the motivation. It’s gonna be a good birthday. 🙂

Ezequiel G Reyes says:

the real estate guy from ddg videos

2010drive says:

I’ve been heavily invested in P2P (lending club) for about 5 years now. Returns get lower every year, and it’s not very liquid if you want to cash out you have to try and sell them on the secondary market which isn’t that great.

MrSoizes 2 says:

Love watching your stuff for a boost of inspiration. Thanks Graham!

Daniel Steffen says:

Graham, what do you think about investing in tax liens certificates?

Jii L says:

Loving the energy in your vids my dude

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