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What’s up guys today I’ll be showing you how to make some passive income without having a website or investing much money. This is can be a side hustle or a full time job it’s all up to you and how hard you work! Enjoy


Noelle McMeel says:

i subbed

RiveZChronicle says:

Do you just write the book on micro soft word ?

Sister_Sister says:

Help me get to 50 subscribers guys

Fatman says:

Nobody buys books anymore, its not that easy lol, this is such irrelevancy.

KingKomm says:

1: sub to my channel
2: reply done
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Kingo says:

Make video about writing a book

Spurs Insight says:

Sub for Sub!

Austism says:

My english is pretty bad dont judge me ok

Slasher says:

I actually really like this idea. I enjoy writing somewhat and I might try this out. Thanks!

Alex Dwalex says:

Free distribution of tokens! Be in time until the end of October!

Silo King says:

Its been a month

Art With Trista says:

Thanks for the tips!

// Ciano // says:

Make another video on this

Arthur Mkrtchyan says:

It might sound weird, but your voice is so relaxing lol..

secret destroyer says:

can you please cheak out my video please i wont to be a gamer and i know i need to be a more entertaning and stuff please comment and help me out please

Mistysprings says:

your funny i watch just cuz your fun

Worldwide Traveller says:

Subscribe ,comment, and ill do it back

Making And Fixing says:

Yes please show us how we can write the books and sell them on Kindle. I’m really interested in this. Thanks.

Prodigy Rewind says:

How to make money – get a job, or build a asset


awesome video

xdanboss says:

subscribe to my youtube channel comment subscribe and ill sub back

Daniel Life says:

Please show us the process of writing, publishing, or whatever that first thing is

Mr Patriotic says:



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Brandon J. Cayetano says:

Have you tried this personally as yet?! @viralwhirl


Buy my book

Vimal Jesvi says:

I am a similar youtube please encourage me

Nesmeg HD says:

You should use fivver. You can get a 5000 word short story for $20 at most. But there are some for $5

Buildex says:

i’ve smashed that freaking like button! 😉

Bhushan Devraj says:


Crypto Satto says:

Hi. i just started a new passive income channel on YouTube :D, would highly appreciate if you subscribe and let me know ur comments and suggestion.. as i am just starting out as a youtuber 😀

Laura Sanchez says:

I’m not a writer… How am I gonna sell books? Who’s gonna buy my books? I’m sure I could write a 3000 word book, but it’s gonna be shit lol

Daniel Millner says:

Actually not a bad idea at all. Keep them coming!

Information Guy says:

Love the video. I am all about making passive income and hopefully becoming financially independent of a job.

Ameer Hamza says:

U ballin

Hangin' with the No-Guds says:

comment on one of my videos for a subscribe…..ill SUBSCRIBE back…..#HELPGROW #GROWTOGETHER

Syhfer says:

Or you could upload a shitty youtube video to the internet get some bs info to people tell them to write a book and monetize the shit out of it with ads then you can passively fuck every 1s mums

Shak Samuel says:

Hey man! Would you recommend buying an Instagram account with active followers? Instead of buying followers. Hoping to start a clothing line.

Brandon J. Cayetano says:

Great Video bro!!! Now i need to learn how to write a book!!!

Женские секреты благополучия says:

Nice idea. I like very much!

Samantha Simms says:

More passive income videos plz

Rafael Mendoza says:

kindle publishing! nice

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