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Simon Ritchie says:

This video was a waste of time, I want my time back! This is click bait and a way for this douche to make more money from views. If you read the comments section first before watching the video, I can save you a bit of time by telling you not to watch this video!!

undeadbobop says:

Take youtube off this list, you can’t really make money off that any more. As for that other channel you definitly are not making anything off of it because of youtubes new policies.

Keem Ibarra says:

There are cryptocurrencies that pay out dividends as passive income, so you’re intro statement was already wrong brother.

You're right says:

I don’t think anybody is actually going to do any of this. You bash on others but it’s like most other videos about the topic.

Nobody is going to write an eBook. Maybe if they already have a reputable blog or Youtube channel.. but that takes years to establish. So count that out.

What people want to see is a step by step guide for making a shopify store, selecting a nieche, setting up shipping, payments, literally every tiny thing, advertising on instagram, how to buy ads, how to make photos for your products, where to buy them, how to make a good facebook page, where to buy stuff to sell? Do you first buy then sell? Order in bulk? How does any of that even work? And all that should be on the video, not just theory.

Every video that talks about Shopify just talks about theory. “So you select something to sell, then you gotta go to Shopify and make a store and you want to get some ads”. Make a video series about doing it, you’ll get millions of views.

I’ve seen one video series by another channel that actually did a challenge like this and recorded every single step of the proces, from nothing at all, not even havig a Shopify account. That helped a lot and I’ll try working on my own store some more.

zenmind says:

Crazy haha

Matthew Ludivico says:

Some lending club loans are way over $20k principal now.

Taoufik Idrissi says:

this is the kind of videos that you get absolutely nothing from watching it

jeremiah Bennett says:

Just wanted to say thanks man this video helped me out a lot.

Williams Agcaoili says:

You disregard bitcoin at the start but you mentioned stocks towards the end…. by the way, mining crypto is a passive income, you set up the machines and just rake it.

Aaron Mack says:

Parroting a list of passive income streams that he’s not actually doing and no idea if our how they work. Useless.

FT10DDR16 says:

Hey everyone, the best success that I have ever had was with the Kevins App Oracle (just google it) – definately the most useful method that I’ve seen.

Evan Pancis says:

masternodes are passive income brother so yes BTC itself isnt passive

Mario Vega says:

U just repeated what everyone else says on this topic maybe I’ll just do that repeat what everyone else says on other topics including this one and waste everyone’s time by making them watch repetitive videos by make them think theyre getting new information

OneClickMan says:

I love this era. Where people who work are the lowest and strugle when those that just scam to get their hard earned money are living in a dream world.

HouseChimp says:

Making money by telling people how to make money.

Jason Walker says:

Dude, do you live in the same building in Dallas as Colion Noir? He’s another successful YouTuber and I swear he has the same windows and buildings in the background of his videos, too…

Marlon Bohlen says:

man didnt you hear about masternodes like dash.they give you a passive income.

101m4n says:

Unearned income.
What the fine print says, and what morons like this either won’t tell you or more likely don’t understand, is that ultimately the economy is driven by _people doing things_ for other people. If you aren’t doing that, then you are consuming without producing, and unwittingly doing harm to the system (cough other people cough) that produces your wealth.
Classical economists of the early 20th century imagined that we’d be living leisure society by now, with 10 hour work weeks. Whats actually happened though is that we work roughly the same amount, and the wealth produced by that labour has ended up in the top 1% by way of a massive spike in unearned income. Lending, dividends, rent on real estate etc. This slowly moves wealth (and thus purchasing power) away from the working and middle classes, reducing the capacity of the economy until there is a recession, or the people get fed up, realise they are getting boned, and behead all the aristocrats (or some contemporary equivalent thereof).
If you want to be a good human being, get good at the thing you love. Then use your skills to get payed and solve peoples problems. If you aren’t doing that, then you are dead weight.
When you look at this asshole, you are looking upon the face of 21st century aristocracy.
What he is doing is indirectly responsible for many of the worlds problems today. It may be making _him_ rich, but it’s making society poor. It isn’t sustainable, it isn’t ethical, and it isn’t smart.

wolf-reborn says:

Just joined an affiliate program for Instagram that seems to be really good so fare, it bring you business itself, DM me on Instagram at Wolfrebornn if you wanna connect, would love to learn from you

XentumX XentumX says:

Btc not passive but stocks are?? Right!

Captain America says:


Terrin Hill says:

THanks for the info

Protagnis YT says:

“Write a book, and sell it”
That’s not passive income, any book worth it’s salt takes years of work

AnonymouSabu says:

JoIn ThE P4rTy

Robert Bogan says:

Yes and the book we all write is “how to make money” then we have to sell it by pretending we have money. Brilliant! I already invested so meh its a wait. Invest in what you know is the only advice I have.

JonnySpeed says:

want to make passive income, start a youtube channel, give people false hope, tell them things they already know. watch the money roll in

armando martinez says:

Do you have any resources where I can translate books?

Georgios Mouchtaris says:

clickbait BS

Pop Alin says:

whats the song in the beggining ?

King Leonidas Addy says:

Get a brokerage account. Set alerts on your phone to notify you for dips in SPY. Buy Calls for a couple months out. Set a new alert on your phone for when it increases to desired amount. Sell purchased Call. About two minutes of work and easy money.


These whole thing is one big strawberry jam. Don’t eat it!

Dimitry Jobby says:

there is no such thing as passive income, not for the long term, of you want to make a decent living from anything you have to put in the work, if you think real estate, investing or even youtube is passive income you are just fooling yourself

Taoufik Idrissi says:


force driven says:


Zaakiya Cuellar says:

What I have realized are two paths you can take in this world: You can make more money or reduce your need for less money.

You actually don’t really need that much money.

Kieron .Maloney says:

Half way in and literally none of it is passive at all

Will Moreno says:

He lost all his money on Strippers

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