How To Set Up Your Life So You Make Passive Income

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I just talked with John Lee, self made millionaire, about how to he made his money. He thinks that you become a millionaire in your mind before you actually become a millionaire in the real world.

You need to get in a mental positive loop to reach your goals.

I really agree with something else he said, “pay for the best advice you can afford, because you will lose more money on your mistakes.”

I talk about that in Step #19, “ & The $32,000 Brain Budget.


mark eason says:

ok so, tell me how does a person like my self make that has no high education skills that only finished high school make money ? how do u start ? where do I go ? I am lost in the simple life cause my parents think that life is only work, and school , but I wanna be able to wake up do what ever I want and make money I don’t wanna have to be up by alarms 5 days a week to go to work my whole life I wanted my own company but it cost lots of money and I am young so  I cant get bank loans for like 500 thousand just to have a company so if u can help me work around that I would love it cause I am tired of wok for 12.50 an hour when in 2016 we should be getting paid 20 – 25 dollars an hour to start cause the prices for everything is ridiculous anyways help me

Tim Halloran says:

Money is reciprocal altruism !! Helping others is the way forwards and I like the idea of making a business based on your life skills.

Josh Whitmore says:

I’ve been Milton keneys before

The Harvester says:

Tai…. Out of all the millionaire entrepreneurs in the world.. Not ONE has chosen to become Iron Man.
Please. For the love of all humanity..
PLEASE, become Iron Man. The Real Iron Man.. And be the FIRST real life superhero.

Aaron Bell says:

felt that car through my speakers into my body, damn…

Kevin P says:

I like this guy

Eric Sleith says:

You learned well from Robert Kiyosaki. 🙂

Kenda Peters says:

Thank you tai I appreciate you so much!

Ziral says:

Tai, i have a question about “surrounding yourself with successful people.” I’m 23, don’t have a mentor or rich successful people to be around. What are some suggestions on where to start? Where do i find places and ways to meet successful wealthy people? I’m basically at the “living on a couch” level, your videos inspire me a lot. But it’s difficult at times to know where to start, to look for mentors and successful people to be around


i would like to hear him and dame dash have a debate about spending your own money

Cam says:

Ha ha I’m an animator too and I dread working in a studio making 36 000 a year. I seriously considering either making a business in the film industry or going for another industry that makes tons of money then I take the rest of the year off and draw for fun.

Meh?! says:

Is John Lee an actor? he looks familar

mitchell bourque says:

to teach is too loved what u do

Andrea Puig Cruz says:

I don’t really understand how they do it. I mean, earn SO MUCH MONEY. I am sooooo sure you need help, you need money to start investing, and if you don’t have contacts or parents that can help you start, you can’t simply can’t do it. At least, that is my experience. If you are by your own, ALL ALONE you can’t move.

Lokey the cat says:

Wary of these kind of videos. Did not learn about types of passive income from it. Wonder if much of their income is from promoting others books and their seminars etc. The idea of just do it, when it comes to investments…. So many buy into bad deals and lose their lives savings. Never cared for rah rah I am rich and you can be too by just believing. Takes time, work, some risk, but calculated, and a workable deal that has merit. Actually a diversified number of deals may be better so one can drop the dogs and work the winners. Not enough content in this video. Guess they are promoting something one pays for to get content?

keygoshima says:

Would you care to mentor me?

Felix Montelara says:

Tai, call me we’ll do lunch 3343576410

corey4347 says:

i really enjoy your videos, im turning 21 and want to reinvent myself im interested in real estate, i was wondering where a good start would be to get into that, keep up the videos

kyle watts says:


Daniel Soros says:


Ludvig Florin says:

Damn thanks Tai for these videos. What John Lee did really good is he answered every question directed to the audience instead of talking about himself, well done!

Dwayne Davis says:

Got alot of value out of this video thanks for posting


John Lee Rocks , thanks Tai to introduce him to us. I never heard about him. You can tell he wants to help. He’s got that passion in his eyes. i’m off to check more videos of him. I love youtube one click away from amazing knowledge.

Robert Canchola says:

Who the hell dislikes these videos?

thaoneshelove says:

One of these days, I’m going to be at dinner talking business with Tai…

Ankh-Life Media Group says:

hope my channel grows as good as yours, I could use more views and subscribers though.

Marco M says:

Is he related to Robert Kiyosaki?

Ryan Branflake says:

Revolting capitalists.

pj bradley says:

if it’s that good why share it ????????????????

Future Under Improvisation says:

About this video I just can say “Do you guys want to go for dinner?”

remusomega says:

I’m impressed by how still he can hold that camera

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