How to Use Debt to Create Passive Income

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IHIuddy says:

You never spoke about the risk. What happens when your HVAC goes out. Roof leaks. Tenant doesn’t pay rent. Your out of that 10% quick and then you start losing money. Looks good on a white board. Sure push number around all day but you should be way more realistic with these numbers.

Passive Passion And Online Income says:

Brilliant video mate… just shows you that if you use good debt intelligently and that too with proper research on your investment idea, you can do wonders! I too started my online business with good debts and gradually diverted into Real estate investing in order to have a balanced investment portfolio. Debt is a double edged sword which can rip you apart! Hence if you dont know how to use it than educate yourself with the proper ways of using good debt to become financially independent.

Gaspar Torrejon says:

Hot air. A bunch of useless garbage, along with 95% of other youtubers that don’t explain anything.

Ricesurrenders Productions says:

This is hilarious everything discussed here is only true when there is inflation theory economics. Everyone can be a rich if there is enough dollars going around. There is only so many people that can benefit first before there is no more buyers so the next person trying to use credit gets fucked. Not to rain on the idea , some people should think about taking advantage of credit cards for some good reason buying things cheaper at the current market value then selling it later for higher or even holding it for pure faith of it going higher. What this doesn’t explain is this is all timing and risk. Anyone can benefit from the money being loaned out as credit but they can only capitalize on it if the timing is good also assuming the price for homes and property continue increasing in price (which generally they do). Also assuming that your business can survive with other business saturating the marketing with more leverage then you but yeah there is a chance lol but like someone commented earlier “WHOLE LOT OF IF’S HERE”

Elder Williams says:

lol I’m from Cleveland Ohio also

Jaleel Head says:

are you currently in the Cleveland area? I am looking to surround myself with like minded people

Kico Thrill says:

I understand everything he’s saying, you borrow the money and invest it into a business or plan that profits you the money borrowed… eventually paying that debt off and also allowing you a solid income through the investment… essentially paying for your next investment and also your own personal expenses

Elrico Greenwood says:

wow this infor is so helpfull and eye opening! thanks alot i will subscribe and like.

Universal Audio says:


Abdullah Tafes says:

I wanna get a lone for a car is that bad am not good at saving to what I do any ideal .

faheeta says:

So you believe the fast nickel is better than the slow dime?

George Ross says:

Huh? You bought a car and a house with the same money? How’d ja do dat?

Unfoldedwarrior says:

lost me with that 5%.. wtf is it from? Just because he knows what it represents doesnt mean his listeners do. all these jargon terms, those who know these terms actually dont really need this video. the 5% changes to 2%.. why and wtf are the % of? useless

Kai San So says:

Stupid advice. Encouraging people to borrow money @20% for 100% ‘guaranteed’ return. Which product has sure wins? Pity the feckers that trust this advice and gets shafted twice, once by the lender who you can’t repay, and the other that sold them the Ponzi scheme.

Peter Ruiz says:

this worked in the past 1945 not anymore buying a house this day’s its a liability

pendekar mustang says:

great advice

Consumer This says:

Only the top 5% are going to agree and understand this video.. the rest are going to think it’s a scam or bash it because they can’t do it

Mizterk Life says:

I’m 19 and I can’t believe I think I understand you.

Mike McLean says:

I like your concept of revenue generators vs cash suckers, but I’m not big on your example of the Tessa as a good choice. All in all, I think your message is solid, just consider a better example. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nick White says:

This guy is as idiot that clearly doesn’t run a real business. He isn’t factoring in closing costs for large loans and how a business with little to no cash flow can carry a monthly note payment for a year while a product is being developed and you are waiting for a marketing campaign to get traction. There is a reason Standard and Poor looks so closely at company’s debt load when assessing their health

ashley thomas says:

I was a little confused. In order for me to create passive income from my debt do I have to invest my debt in some sort of business or real estate venture?

Chris Beck says:

And this ladies and gentlemen is how the last financial crisis happened. Those borrowing costs went up and yields went down. Go and watch The Big Short

Alessandro Suppini says:

Show mw the secrets of starting up a 100% roi business and the rest is a no brainer!!

deacon theseer says:

he is making some good points. I was taught that All debt is bad but not always true. it’s about what you do with the debt. Trump has used this to great effect.

taptoepat says:

100% return in a year? Wow, buy me in That company. 10% return on renting? Either your house is cheap or you let people overpay. Your car is not free. You still pay as you have to pay back from your returns. The main statement is true: dept is just good when investing. And what you forget to state: the dept percentage is per year not a one time fee.

goldsilverandiamonds says:

Darken your hair. part it to the other side, throw on some black framed glasses and you’d look like Tai Lopez

BigDCoins says:

Very educational. THanks

Ricardo Chavez says:

Instead of buying that Tesla buy another house now you have two houses and use those equities to buy another but this time cash and go on and on. You dont need a fucking Tesla. It’s all about reinvesting and diversification.

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