If You’re Broke Or Struggling Financially, Follow These Steps To Change Your Financial Situation

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In this video I share with you the secret for how you can change your financial situation, and make the shift out of scarcity and into financial abundance.

Money creates a wealth of opportunities, and affords us the freedom to invest in ourselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does make the best things in life even better.

Unfortunately a lot of people can’t enjoy the opportunities that money offers, because they are floundering in financial debt. If you’re broke or struggling financially, than what you are currently doing is not working. However, the good news is that you have the power to change your life.


Improve Your Financial Situation: 4 Steps To Managing Finances


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Keion Witherspoon says:

GREAT video! Thank you SO much!

King Opportunist says:

Awesome, Awesome video.

Julia Simin says:

This is the most helpful video I have ever watched in my life.

Musa Jallow says:

i love this man he is very sincere i believed .. i will one day join his kindle publishing empire..

kelly xo says:

Thank you so so much, this video was so helpful! God bless you.

Gunjur Dawah Center says:

Thanks you very much i needed to see this video and apply it to my life,

Andrew Mioch says:

Amazing video thank you. Love your delivery and realness!!

Marcel Tansie says:

This is so very informative and very educative. Thanks much man

Pendo Julius says:

so much wisdom

Horace Thompson says:

Nice video Stephan. Thanks for the kick in the butt and great information!

6AM says:

Thank you!

Sail Financial says:

These are such useful and important tips. Great video!

Johnny Encinias says:

great video

Ahereeza Ronald says:

thanks for sharering this information

Qayum's says:

thanks for the tips..i believe this simple tips can change my life…


this is really helpful video. please keep making videos like this 🙂

Rajesh Malhotra says:

A very insightful and well timed YouTube Video which Stefan specifically seems to be speaking to me!! Keep Doing the Videos!!

gwd109 says:

thanks man. Pretty cool content

fafi yana says:

Bless you, it was really helpful.


I appreciate the knowledge

Chris Singleton says:

Thanks for this ✌


I love this video. I actually saved it and sent it to my mother that’s struggling right now financially. I also took notes! The best 40 minutes invested in my life.

eri vil de lite 1111 says:

Thanks good advice for real life! I’m creating my dream life and teach my kids how to do it.

Journeytowardthemoon says:

You’re awesome!

Lindsey Atmore says:

This video is great. Very thankful to have found and watched it. Thank you.

Deryck Oñate Espinel says:

Great video. Simple but effective steps at the same time. It goes straight to my playlist “see regularly”.

Dennis Abad says:

love this stefan! thank you!

Priyo Yoyo says:

You are a great great great man .. full of positive energy and good ness….

Brian Duncan says:

Great video my friend.

Torrey Scott says:

Awesome video. Watching video for the eigth time. Currently applying steps . Thanks a bunch

Project Life Mastery says:

Everyday I get e-mails and messages from people explaining how they’re broke, struggling financially or can’t afford to invest in themselves. I decided to create this video to walk you through the steps for someone to take to get themselves back on their feet financially. They should’ve taught money management in school! If you follow these steps, I believe you can change your financial situation, as I did for myself when I was in a similar situation.

Odex Eric says:

Great advice thanks men…

Keith Balbutin says:

Thank you bro.. I hope God continues to bless you one way or the other

es heru says:

Thank you for this video, Stefan. The content is amazing, and I really appreciate your help!

Waga G says:

Great video tnx

Ijeoma Okonkwo says:

Thanks so much.

Billy Times says:

awesome teaching bro

Intact Diaries says:

Thank you for making this video mate.

Alex Renaud says:

You’re a smart guy Stefan ! Keep it up ! 🙂

Shweta Banerjee says:

Wonderful vedio. Really helpful.

Christian Mattos says:

My lord, this video has helped me a lot in such little time! 40 min!! Thanks man, I am going to start applying these things TODAY!

Carmen Richards says:

This was some great information. Thanks

e luz says:

Awesome video!

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