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Join tailopez dan lok and sam ovens and now and….. grant cardone conference

Lenka Kaclova says:

Show them 🙂

Parker Shot says:

Bill….. Your videos are starting to look like Shit. You know that’s extremely hard to accomplish. I call BS. You’re losing credibility, fast.

James Bagley says:

Is this W.C Fields great grandson?

Marcel _4321 says:

Guys if u r struggling for cash right now check out this very credible psychic lady Utsava. One of her predictions for this year is Trump is going back to the gold standard. Gold prices will skyrocket so pretty much buy some gold

Jabe Johnson says:

You have great hair man 🙂

Tori Grey says:

Earn money by watching social media sites like Facebook, Google+,Twitter or Youtube.

flanked 2.0 says:

9:21 why don’t you add sound of machine running as a mock for the elevator.

Eric Cole says:

wow I didn”t realize so many people buy beer bongs thanks


right on Billy!!

Ian Sweeney says:

Bill I’m curious about shipping to Amazon. Do you have to cover shipping costs? It seems that could make items with only $15 profit turn into a very slim margin

Sendrake says:

Hi Bill! Great video as always. I have a question, for us who live outside the US(Sweden) and dont have Amazon FBA to work with, what do you recomend us to do?

big homie Dessalines says:

Damn bill trolling does pay off, you and The Donald’s prove to me that trolling does work. Trump became president and now you selling courses and making money like the rest of the hustlers out there. Congratulations my friend.

King Kashton says:

Appreciate it!

Sleepy Dan says:

Where is the Dan Lok video? Did he threaten to sue you? 0-0

ISTP Videos says:

What is your mbti type? I am just really curious. ESTP, ENTP?

andrei 23 says:

What happend with Dan Lok video ?

Noah Mincis says:

Did dan lok’s lawyers finally get to you?


Love you Bill! Thanks!

Morgan Hartt says:

Good info, well presented. Thank you Bill! Happy New Year!

10Stack says:

Wait, the beer bong was my idea HAHA

Alex Salter says:

I’m looking for anything that will create a passive UK income. Got no spare money but can get hold of what I’d need. All I want is proof. Just the info or hard fact/product advise. 5% profit growth and then I won’t have any issue in further investment in you.


Buy grant cardone tickets for new years resolution

koolgirl1235 says:

What happened to lok video? Did he threaten you with your life? Did you realize you were wrong about him and give him a chance? I’d like to know. He’s a billionaire. Has money, power, strings. I wonder if he threatened your livelihood. Only reason most people take videos down about something they strongly believe

Jacob Anthony says:

Thanks Bill, where would one go to check patients?

Bittruth-bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and news says:

Great tips Bill! Thanks mate

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