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Just a Lauren says:

I have the blog and the YouTube channel but do not have enough traffic to become an affiliate. Are click funnels the best way to get traffic?

Prime Coaching Academy says:

I think the “@” decoration piece in the shelf should be twisted. 🙂

En K says:

you can’t get infinite sales on courses… there’s a limited amount of people lol sorry I tried to stop myself

N Bee says:

Can I ask what mbti personality type you are? I’m so curious considering you get so much done!

debdo1960 says:

I kinda had “real” passive income fall in my lap. I have some vacant commercial property that a cell phone company put a tower on (they approached me). I know the risks and have taken protective measures, but the deal is sweet with a nice yearly increase. It’s nice becuz I do nothing but collect a check every month, so the hardest part is walking to the mailbox and going to the bank (my choice).
Since the tower is at the back of the property, it left the front empty, so I rent that out to trucks and a few small business’s for parking. I have a man who helps me run the parking business in exchange for free room and board.
I am really enjoying passive income which has allowed me to work on other streams of income without the pressures of working at a job I hate just to pay bills.
I am just throwing encouragement in there that passive or mostly passive income really is possible as I am living proof. It does take time to grow, so be patient.
I am lucky that I have built a great reputation in my area so I no longer have to advertise and have a lengthy waiting list and have been working on expansion for a few years.
Wishing all of you the best. You can do it!!!!! Spend time EVERY day to explore your options and to find new avenues to working smarter not harder!

Rob Hutchings says:

Probably worth calling it Passive Income for Newbies / Novices etc, a 14 minute talk on beginners stuff, I am subscribed and saw 101 & thought ‘meat’ to no avail

Phoenix Rose says:

Love this video and would love to hear more about passive income and ways to drive yourself to finish projects!

DayxdreamTV says:

Love this video, very clear!

Emy Hendrickson says:

I recently wrote a fiction book. The reasons I did it are I’m very creative and I used to write a lot when I was a kid. I knew I would finish the book because I’ve written books for fun when I was a kid. I figured if I can do it as a kid, then I can do it now. A lot of a person’s interests are developed when they’re young. My obstacles are I can’t spell for my life and I’m an unknown author. The second part of that means I have to spend time promoting the book. Rite now the promoting seams daunting but many author’s make videos about all things self-publishing. So I’m confident with research, trial and error, and focused determination that the income will take off. Also I have 2 now books on the Way.

Nina's Network says:

Hi there, I love your videos. Do you have or can you make a video on books? I have a topic that I’m ready to write on & I’d like to know the profitable difference between a blog, e-book, and hard copy. Also which site is best to go with for an e-book. Thank you!

Gulab ur Rehman says:

Hi Gillian ! Thanks a lot for this helpful video.

Outspoken by Light Justice says:

Thank you!!

Muhammad Zeeshan Iqbal says:

Gillian this is an excellent explanation of earning passive income online with multiple streams. Working more smartly by effective time management has certainly more advantage over working simply hard with out using tools at hand. Thank you.

ms kat says:

Would love to see more ideas for passive income. Thanks for your videos Gillian!

RegEdited says:

Gillian! A fabulous topic for sure! Commitment was the key word that stood out to me to just get started! You are most inspiring to get my channel off the ground. I will check out your course for more motivation. Thank you as always!

Khizar Jadoon says:

How great…. Thank u Gillian…☺☺

Nkechi Ajaeroh says:

Am currently exploring the opportunity of selling on Amazon and starting my brand YT channel.
Am excited!

Susan Velez says:

I want to get back to my YouTube channel. I’ve been gone for two years and now I’m better and have the camera on the tripod. Can you refer a good editing program that is user friendly. I heard filmora is good and they give you a free trail?

Epic Nguyens says:

I’d love to write a book. The 3 main set backs are: 1.) My English grammar and vocabulary is very poor (which I know I could always work on) 2.) I wouldn’t know where to even start 3.) If I did figure out where to start I have no idea what I want to write about (fictions stand out but so do my thoughts on random things and such). I also guess money is an issue if I have to put a lot down to start bc I am not joking when I say I have none and we are broke and struggling.

MusicalRaven1 says:

I am a private music teacher and I want to start a blog and I started a free one but I want to monetize my blog and to offer free and pay to download sheet music and exercises. I just get stuck on how or what to use to monetize it

Paper Book says:

It starts at 7:22. You’re welcome!

N Bee says:

Omg looking good! I haven’t watched your videos in so long! xx

FinanceAction says:

nice video as always gillean cheers from venezuela

Okie Mom Life says:

You are so inspiring

Kristen Keith says:

Hey Gillian, I actually realized that I don’t start passive income because free resources are limited in information. Some people give you just enough information to get you to purchase something that they are selling at an expensive price that I just can’t afford right now. I cram my brain with free information just to realize that the same “free info” is floating around the web redundantly. My issue isn’t choosing or even finishing a project. My issue is becoming an expert in a specific topic to be able to make a course on it or write a book about it. Everything is “download my free pdf on this and if you need further help, then I have a paid course for $1500”. It’s too much. I just need a break. I have so much potential, but so little info. But just thought you should know. Thanks for everything.

Eva Bouw says:

Such a helpful video!

RealTalkkWithEli says:

Thank you for your videos! Your subscribers are growing so much!!! You provide such valuable information

Michelle Cox Photography says:

Love passive income. Thanks for all of the great information (as always)!!

Jayson T says:

She’s pretty

Ginthian Shield says:

Great content. I wonder how many comments you will get about changing your hair?

dan loyer says:

Hi Gillian: Great Video, I myself always looking for better ways to make a passive Income, I have started making online courses and hoping to get it done by November or December. What about owning and buying Vending machines? or Is this considered trading time for money again?

TheMercymerz says:

Hi Gillian! U are right on..most of us just need to get started!! Thank you again for all your advice

Ed Sumner says:

I’ve written a course and a book, but no-one bought them.

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