Passive Income: How I Make $57,000 A Month (4 Real Ways)

I want to share the passive income sources that I use to make over $57,000 per month. When it comes to learning and coming up with passive income ideas we don’t get taught this at school. We don’t lean how to make money online so in this video I would like to share my income to educate you so you know what’s possible.

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When it comes to creating passive income online using the internet most people think it’s easy. It becomes easy when you don’t need to work as much. When you actually start doing this it’s hard work.

If you want to work from home and earn some money then becomes passive then start doing it NOW! Don’t wait because 2 years later from now you will be wishing you started now.

It took me some time to start making money online so it’s not a matter of clicking a button and making a million dollars…. wouldn’t that be nice!

When people ask me what the definition of passive income is I’ll show them this video. If you want to learn how to make passive income then watch this entire video.

If you have any questions let me know below I would love to help.


Damion W says:

Great content!!

CroatiaGuy says:

Dear Franklin. I am just making the first steps up the internet business mountain. I am still working at a regular job until I start to make about $800/month. Can you please tell me your recommendation what is the first thing you would do uf you were in my place. What is the first 1. online source of extra income I should perfect?

Martin Lilly says:

Top perspective from a top Youtuber. Thanks Franklin

Jensen Ly says:

Thank you Franklin! I’ve been following your content on Youtube for 2 years now. I’ve implemented your IG, Pinterest and Facebook Pixel strategies from the past. I left my daytime job as a telecom marketer to a fulltime entrepreneur because your strategies work. Your content is GOLD. I just wanted to thank you. Cheers

Gregory Campbell says:

Hey Frank is there a app that I can use to invest in NZ top 50. I might match my kiwi saver for some retirement $$.

The Nomad Brad says:

Really cool video Franklin! That’s awesome of you to give out some real numbers for inspiration

Reginald Sinevet says:

Can you share your blog?

Aleisha Tanner says:

Wow another banger!

radicalkills says:

Hey bro I can day trade quite good I’m in NZ too how volatile is it?

Michael Nosa. says:

What type of camera are you using for YouTube video

Anais Anain says:

Hey Franklin, I’m a new subscriber. Just came across your channel. I’m in my early twenties. Been learning about affiliate marketing for like a year or so. Have more than enough knowledge to start and maybe do good.

It’s just that for some reason I just feel like I’m scamming people into buying products that I’d never buy. For example, if I’m promoting a dating course .. I don’t know if the advice is legit or not. I’m just in it for the commissions. But the dude who bought the course maybe he’s dirt poor and he scraped all the money he had to buy that course and now he feels let down because the course wasn’t satisfactory. Am I not to blame for this?

I hope you understand my question. Basically what is the ethical side of affiliate marketing? Is there any at all? Or are we in it just for the commissions and don’t care about the well-being of others.

Would appreciate anything you have to say. Thank you 🙂

Affiliate Watch says:

Wow man congrats on working for years and now achieving massive success

EconoReview says:

big frank is just WINNING

Mackenzie Mayer says:

Awesome video Franklin!

EconoReview says:

does big frank have a click funnels course

Drake Pattee says:

What is your background in order to make a digital software worth selling?! How much was startup?

P Pugalia says:

Wow, video after many days

TOP 10 VIDS says:

Black hat is best technique to earn more and fast you should teach us

Home Business University says:

“The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.”
— Barack Obama

Hammoud Rafik says:

Hi thanks for all my question is I’m in algéria is that’s work in my town

Zoltan Gy says:

If you think this video should be useful in future, give me a like on this comment!! NOW

Harsimran Singh Sandhu says:

That’s exactly one of my friend’s Yearly income in a full-time job!

VikingMarketer says:

I wonder if you can go more into software creation and making it hands off by getting a team to run it?

khd says:

Good video bro, btw for passive investment in the stock market.. just invest in etfs stocks and you can easily make 8-12% per year ( last 2-3 yesrs I’m doing 14-16%)

Vaibhav Gupta says:

Awesome bro. Always Love watching your valuable videos..

Please guide me with Ecom elites. I had recently purchased the course.How much time it will take to complete the course.

Is there any further investment required after the course.
Please do reply bro. Thanks

Aadil Ahmad says:

You inspired me a lot dude. Keep on making these videos, you motivate me a lot.

Divz Tech says:


Lord Hart says:

we need a training about the software biz. if you can i know its private but would mean alot . been a follower since day 1

Ahmadreshadsakha sakha says:

Hello sir I’m Afghanistan I have been searching for a long period of time to earn money but actually everything was scam please let me know a legit way to earn money for free

Rafael Cintron - 7 Figure Ecom Secrets says:

Amazing video man!! Thanks for the tips on stocks 😉

UP JESUS says:

Thanks bro how I start??

Not Taught At School says:

Awesome video as usual Franklin, I think many people overlook blogging because of the work you need to put in at the start, I have some blog posts from 2 years ago which are now starting to bring in a passive income each month. From your list of 4 currently, have 3 set up, looked into software but think it is something for the future, thanks for sharing your numbers, very inspiring stuff.

Michael Brown says:

Frank you are a true inspiration ****CRUSH MY LIKE BUTTON IF YOU AGREE**** I am so glad that I came across one of your videos awhile back

AussieMoneyMan says:

How old are you?

Adam Stone says:

Im new to affiliate marketing and I saw a video you made a year ago on how to start for free but I suck at writing articles for my website…any tips or can you please point me to the right direction, thanks

gre at says: related to.sarah?the drop shipping guru

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