Passive Income: How I Make $7,200 A Month (5 Ways)

In this video, I will show the passive income sources that I use to generate more than $7,000 per month. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the words “passive income.” There seem to be many misconceptions about the topic. If you find value in the video, don’t forget to drop a like to support the channel!

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Dominique Van der Kubbe says:

Hey, what are your top 4 trading apps again? kinda missed them out in your vid! Thanksss

Devin Merrill says:

Good content bro!

Wals 47 says:

Awesome video, keep going strong with this money game. You seem to be very intelligent considering your age. I wish I did things like this years ago. I appreciate the free knowledge you are providing in this video.

Greg says:

YouTube videos
Amazon commissions

(3) Stock dividends
*note* you need a hefty up front investment and you need to know what you’re doing.

(4) high interest rate savings accounts

(5) using stock brokerage apps for invite commissions (M1 finance, Acorns, Robinhood…)

세모나라_Triangle World says:

wow! thanks for sharing!!! 🙂 nice video! i enjoyed your video~

One in a trillion says:

This is awesome information. I’d like to add that if you work hard and smart early and spend as little as possible, you could grow those investment accounts much faster. Then you could retire in your thirties if you choose to once you have a large enough account that could live off of just from the interest every year.

epicfaaail says:

First video I watched and I kinda like you as a person, seem cool and competent, but it’s like 7000 of the 7200 are tied to an online presence

Shuk says:

no airpods? smh can’t trust him

Doe Effect says:

Thank you for sharing your passive income ways brotha

Nawaraj Mudvary says:

Very good job Nate

Ettore Soffietti says:

shame its mostly youtube and commission centric

Shayne Williams says:

I SWEAR i’ve either seen him somewhere on the internet or someone else looked almost exactly like him, and i can’t figure out why.

armouredcat23 says:

basically his passive income is just his videos thats the whole video

matthewlev13 says:

glad to support the channel. Keep it up!

RedDesigns says:

hey nate, i’m currently a junior in high school and have been hovering around $1000 since 8th grade. i’ve made a lot of mistakes in managing my money and would like to change my ways by building on what I have. are there any other tips you would give other than the ones you mentioned in this vid? thanks!

Jarod Hardcastle says:

First passive income – “have a youtube channel with years of content! easy!”

destroyerplayer says:

I make 4g a month with ubereats maybe I should invest in stock markets

Myles says:

Video starts at 2:04 thank me later

hu junming says:

Hi Nate, but what kind of content can we get into for the youtube channel that we would wanna make?

Anthony Lim says:

Hi Nate, quick question because I can’t watch the video right now. Do you feel stressed out by the amount of responsibility you have?

rakib rahman says:

This guy looks and sounds like he is 12yrs old. Moving on to this ideas…also ideas of a 12 yr old.

Wonderful Madness says:

Nice video. But as soon as you said saving account is a good idea I have to move on. A dollar today is worth less tomorrow. 2% is nowhere near what you need to hold value.

Ottomatic says:

step 1: be attractive
step 2: be successful in a niche platform
step 3: gamble in stocks

Tephra says:

Love this video! You seem genuine about how you create your passive income, in comparison to other youtubers who are complete show-offs and sound like scam-artists 😛 Great work

赵四同志战略忽悠总局Youtube部 says:

A passive income turtorial vedio is making passive income,emmmm……

Ferri Liu says:


Nate O'Brien says:

Hey everyone. I was hesitant to create this video because I did not want it to come off in a manner in which I did not intend. After repeated requests for this video, I came to the realization that it might be best to be open about some of my passive income sources. If you found value in this video, don’t forget to drop a like and share it with someone who you think may find it to be useful.
Hope you are having a great day,

Samuel Siegal says:

wide-ass shoulders…not hating

Dakota Litton says:

I would love to do product reviews but I hate my smile. That’s the only thing stopping me.

jonathan rodriguez says:

I like his hair

dswarriors says:

The world stands to gain from people being ignorant about finance. Think about it. Why would the government neglect it out of the public school curriculum? You have big banks and financial institutions lobbying to keep it out of school.

Martin Manweiler says:

Smarter not harder! Amen.

Vanja Đukić says:

Short version of the video: YouTube YouTube, YouTube, stock + Luck, YouTube $400 a year from a bank (for a avrage American its $0 a year bicouse lost dont have anything saved up).
The end.
I just saved you 13min of your life.

WesleyReviews says:

good stuff man

chiuchiutrain says:

I’ve watched so many preachy passive income videos and you definitely come across as super genuine and humble (dividend income investing at age 11 is extremely impressive!) Thanks so much for all this valuable advice! 🙂

ØCCULT Bass says:

Damn! Great video!

JDNATE says:

Too much effort. Anybody just wanna give me money instead?

Hayden Soloway says:

Widest shoulders in the world

Kerry Zhang says:

It’s mainly just YouTube. Stocks and savings are nothing lol

Greg says:

Video starts at 2:06. Don’t waste your time.

Jarod Hardcastle says:

Subbed, very valuable channel and your “give it for free” mindset is amazing! good video x

Josh M says:

Great video Nate, inspiring.

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