Passive Income Ideas 2016

My top passive income ideas for 2016.
Passive income ideas for 2016 including online, offline and apps. I discuss which ideas have worked for me in the past and why. Also new ideas are discussed that I want to try. Including Apps that you can make passive income from.
Apps –
Foap App – selling photos. How many photos do you have on your phone. How many can you take when you are bored and walking around.
People pay to use these photos in publications and on websites.
Foap is an app that allows you to do that.
Developing an App
Airbnb – 3% fee. Renting a spare room per day – like a hotel/bed & brekfast. – Rent a driveway/parking space – website. 30% fee.
Gumtree – rent out your garage
Renting out loft or spare room as storage space –

One that I have done – I run a vending business selling kids toys and sweets. Its small scale but makes decent turnover/profit eg this December £1000. Show machine. Will do more videos on this.
Weaknesses – mature industry so hard to get good sites. Machines cost money.
Making a course
Great if you have a particular skill that you can teach over the web via videos. I really want to try this one this year. Lots of effort and time comsuing. Heard udemy does well.
Write an e-book to sell on amazon
Hasn’t worked well for me on amazon but these were old books with not much demand.

Youtube – make videos on what you are interested in and try to help people. Also viral content.
Wordpress Blog – set up hosting very cheap and write about what you like.
Adsense & Affiliate programs
Need loads of money e.g. shares and dividends


Joseph Santillan says:

Thanks very informative but are you a member of the adams family?

Paulo Vinicius Lima Souza says:

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Greg Trantham says:

I imagine you have good informative points, maybe you could use software that would use titles or captions on the video. Im from Texas and I can’t understand you well enough to understand names of apps or web addresses.
I tried more than once but I can’t follow buddy. Thanks anyway though.

jake smitth says:

you look insane, but great video

Raido Krimm says:

Hello Adam Gaines. Check out Earn 4-6% passive income weekly. Let me know if i can assist you. Raido

R.R. Petrichor says:

Just a suggestion, you could use a program like ezvid or windows movie maker (both available for free) in future videos to add “titles”. I.e., each time you mention a new passive income idea, you add text saying what that idea is – such as “Make An App” – show up on the top left side of the screen. It would just make the video clearer, and easier to follow. 🙂

Rashaw Leggs says:

Awesome video good content

Jesús says:

Hey man thanks a lot! God bless!

bben95 says:

Interesting video but the audio is very quiet. Maybe you could edit the video first and make the audio louder next time

Joseph Santillan says:

Thanks very informative but are you a member of the adams family

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