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In this video I talk about some of the commons ways to generate passive income. One of the easiest ways to get rich is to have your money grow for you, without you having to actually do anything! Investing is probably my favorite generator of passive income.

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Jaelyn Brown says:

how long exactly did it take you to accumulate your wealth?

TreeFiddy says:

I’m in the process of creating a sexbot. It will eliminate all relationships, curb population growth, and set up for our new Overlord AI to takeover. Maybe they will do a better job.

iMotion Media says:

The easiest way to generate passive income is digital signage advertising…basically you start a digital signage network at high-traffic locations like malls, gyms, supermarkets etc… Volume of ad sales, coupled with cheap ad spot prices creates high profit margin revenues. Renewal fees make it a great passive income niche business. example

Luis Becerra says:

Do you invest in crypto? Can value investing be applied to crypto?


As always great video

murali krishna says:

If u have money u can become a investor and become a millionaire but if u dont have enough money to invest then what are the ways to become rich and get financial freedom .please make a video on this . Thanks

Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing says:

How do you generate a passive income? Let me know!

acorn sucks says:

Investing in a tanking market because it’s a bargain leaves one with sleepless nights.

Samuel Taylor says:

this is his new make it happen book with tips and tricks on how to make passive income and money every week.

Alle Vervoer says:

You are so full of bull.Anyone who has a couple of mill can do what you are talking about.Its so easy when u got a few mill behind your name.Whne you find out how i can generate these great things with a normal investment of lets say 10k then let me know.Generating wealth when you allrady got some is a very easy thing to do.Banks and other sources would lend you millions upon millions in a heartbeat..

RC says:

Good video. For six year old’s.

Kendrik Doughty says:

Would it be safe to assume invest in anything that everyone needs? I.e., health, real estate, food etc

Richard Neal says:

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Mark Bradley says:

How did you learn of Buffet’s purchase of Apple stock?

Paco Dominguez says:

I built some rooms for renting (because I live near to an University)…with the incomes I am building more…what do u think?

Broke Chick Dollars says:

All about my channel !

Karim Charaf says:

The god damn title says HOW ??!! To create passive income not WHAT !!!! Is passive income !!!!!!

James Alexander says:

So basically what he’s talking about is buying shares in blue chip companies for cheap when they hit a trough, and selling when the scandal is forgotten and they have a bestselling product when they reach a peak. And in investing in start ups that have real potential early.

dr nick riviera says:

Yes, very educational video please all people buy stocks like Enron(use google please)… If you speak about the positives effects you have tell them also about the negative effects.

darkplataform says:

Could you please make your next videos with more real life examples ?

Mark Carlos says:

Am I the only one who noticed that his head doesn’t seem to originate from that body? Like one of those edited animated videos? Sorry no pun intended…I do like your lesson very much I recall this powerful wealth tool from long time ago…

Makn Life Mobetta says:

I’m a first time viewer. Thanks for sharing Phil.

the rad says:

I havea question : How do we find a business like that? Im pretty new at the finance game and i would like to learn more.

Unique Mitchell says:

Definetly subscribed. Mostly informative Channel I have come across yet. It’s very refreshing to find someone that actually has valuable content and I can actually learn and not just inspired. Thank you Phil.

Chris Pepper says:

Please don’t compare yourself to Bill Gates. It doesn’t help your credibility. And you may want to check what CAGR stands for. You were close, I’ll give you that.

Han Bulban says:

International real estate seems to be the best for high ROI passive income

Prem Kumar says:

Invest on yourself and pay to yourself first. Start a business and let others invest to you 🙂

Alexandre Boyer says:

Central Banks printing money then investing straight in these blue chip tech companies. Look at the monetary easing in the US and the historic charts of the US stock markets, both are obscene (even on log charts).

Algos Explained says:

When you started talking about investing in a great company I almost forgot the rule, “buy on a discount”

Dodi the Tiger says:

I have only 1 source of passive income I invest my money in amber misbahs (Islamic rosaries) workshop I got short on cash lately not because of the workshop it was well somethings else so I just invested more money in the business instead of taking a loan

billionaire prince 11 yrs old says:

You can’t do this if you don’t have big money. Capitalism works if you have big capital. Nowadays it’s more difficult to build wealth of you’re poor. Most rich people now are either old or they inherited their wealth. The dynasty of politicians and businessmen makes it hard for average person to enter the business. Competition now is so much harder too even if you start on being poor and work hard and smart you need to be lucky to make big amount of wealth not like before.

Jus Rarsh says:

Time to continue my empire then. Make it even stronger for the next generation of family.

Kareine Lee says:

When market turn into bearish, how you able to achieve 20% return per year?

Sam Pop says:

great video phil this is passive income

Wolver Lex says:

Nonsense.. stock market burn my funds

Disguise What says:

It’s simple; markets grow; so to be able to have relyable passive income you need to be able to have enough share & be able to sell for high enough interest so that your share grows faster than the market.

Joann Lindsay says:

Nice video.
.good info thank you..

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