Passive Income Streams 101

Discover the business model I use to create multiple passive income streams.

Passive Income Streams 101

Also, there’s a bonus tip for adsense users at the tail end of the video that quadrupled my income.

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Jason Walker says:

Good tips

donduwan says:

I like the simplicity of it all!!

Ervin Zaljevic says:

The adsense-tip was the best part of your presentation. Thx man.


younobleview7 says:

Contact the adverstiser directly helped me to understand how I can make a little more money than just using Google Adsense alone.  Enjoy your life Pat.  Thanks

Deliana Deltcheva says:

Thank you Pat, I am looking to start a passive online income so this is a great tip.

T Ramadoss says:

Thanks man. Really liked the way u got to the point.

Fenix Fitness says:

Starting my journey to be a Passive Income Pro! Thanks Pat

Amanda Rankine says:

Thanks Pat!

Brendan Clements says:

appreciate the fact that you are helping others

89DrFunk says:

I wonder how much the advertisers paying Google and what percentage they give to the adsense users. Great video and great tips on contacting the advertisers.

sixtone2002 says:

Is contacting Adsense directly the same as being an affiliate? 

younobleview7 says:

Clear visuals.  Calm voice.  Sensible language and explanation.  Thank you Pat.

jigarbhakta says:

nice work!

Nuno Couto says:

Great tip on adsense. Love the simple way you went over material.

S Richardson says:

Contacting advertisers directly is something I never thought of! That was a great tip

Luciana Gomes says:

hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover best passive income try Zamartar Passive Cash Remedy ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.

devildogg112985 says:

I’m sold on creating the first stream if passive income then duplicating it. What got me stumped is ,what the intangible e-book idea, since there is no product?

Kodi Fletcher says:

Greta Adsense video! Make sense! Haha! Thanks Pat!

The B Minus Show says:

Contacting advertises directly is brilliant

Exoro says:

Nice and simple:) I love that Adsense tip as well!

Jestoni Requillo says:

nice info

dannieboy824 says:

I’m just starting to think about passive income etc, this really helped! I love the idea that you can do the work once and get paid multiple times for it.

Jojo Boss says:

How do I figure out what I wanna sell

Ugo Okonkwo says:

Even if you don’t have much time for a side gig, there are ways you can passively earn money to pad your pocket. Doing this helps to make you feel more confident about your financial future, gives you extra cash to spend, and gives you something to fall back on if you lose your job.

No matter how secure you feel your job and industry are, there is always a chance things could go south. Take the time now to create multiple sources of income in case your main one is cut off in the future.

For more tips on how to increase your wealth, check out the full post linked below.

reefprayer resin says:

You seen honest and transparent.

Cody Bryant says:

thanks, appreciate the info!

Heather Houser says:

Great video-great tips and lots to think about!

Isabell Xie says:

Pat, you really have changed my life–I was unemployed and was struggling to start my own small business. Learning from you, I am slowly setting up my own niche products and doing personal branding in my industry. I am still very far from where I want to be, but YOU are the reason that all of this was possible. Thank you, thank you so much!

sling247 says:

I really appreciated that you kept it simple. I also liked the fact that you didn’t come across as trying to sell something.

Zander Vorster says:

Thank you Pat, I like that you explain it so simplistic, it’s very easy to understand.

Kal Mackey says:

i enjoyed the way the presentation was put out. the info was a little helpful, but more importantly the way youre capable of writing and drawing while speaking was really well done

Jacob Becker says:

I like the illustrations good job

AcirkA musik_fitness says:

The first part

Shayla Bryant says:

Hi Pat I’m shayla I really enjoyed this video because I learned how to cut the middle man out and get down to business.

Alain sml says:

great video

John Cox says:

Love the simplistic explanation.

joe north says:

Good Job Pat!

Johninphxaz says:

Love this overview of how to create multiple streams of passive income, first of all; and how to make them more efficient by contacting the advertisers directly. Thanks!

Ruben cano says:

The last part, contact directly to the advertiser,, i didn´t think on that really , thanks Pat

Dr Rory Turner says:

Hey Pat, I love the simplicity of the plan! What is a good starting price range for direct affiliate marketing on a brand new website? Do you have any pitch templates for potential affiliates?

Tarique Imam says:

Great video on adsense Tips. 

DontFuckWitDreDay says:

I like the vocabulary you used for this video. Quick and easy to understand.

Power Lead System VIP | Power Lead System Review says:

Good video Pat!

TardesNaCozinha says:

Pat thank you so much! I’ve been listening your Pocast everyday and it’s awesome!!! Wish you all the best and thank you so much for all the info that you have shared! All my best!

Steezy Greg says:

Good tip about contacting the advertiser directly. I never thought of that

markitect212 says:

Thanks Pat!

pat chambers says:


Reed Allen says:

Pat your wisdom on how to more effectively use adsense was really eye opening and had me think “why didn’t I think of that?”. THank you for continuing to put such helpful and inspiring content out there for people. I am just starting out and you are a real inspiration. Thank you again.

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