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Discover the EASIEST way to make passive income online, based on my experience with being involved with internet marketing for several years now. I’ve done everything from selling my own products on Clickbank, affiliate marketing, to blogging… and by far, making money with Amazon and Kindle is by far the easiest and fastest way to make passive income online. To learn more details about how I got involved with making money with Kindle and the opportunity that it provides, click the link below to read the blog post.






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ExtraCarrot says:

hey, quick question :p can you directly copy paste content from your blog into an ebook or does it break google or amazon policies?

MZ Maxwell says:

I love making Money from home!! I am on my way to financial freedom!!

Raymond Allen says:

hey do you have instagram

Siji Martin says:

good things

bakai mandal says:

good things,You also need persistence as well.

Danmasterx19 says:

Yes online Marketing can be very powerful. I live in Germany and here the whole Thing is just starting to gain pace. There is still an enormous potential in our market since so many niches here don´t really have a lot of competition. Furthermore, you don´t Need to be a programmer because nowadays there are many useful wordpress plugins for example, which will help you build professional Websites. These plugins don´t cost much, but still it´s the same stuff even used by big companies, tabloids, marketers etc.

DavidisDawei says:

Are you selling hard cover or E-Books?

Andrew Hall says:

It takes years of reading and writing to develop proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It also takes years of creating a brand…

Mechillen Hodge says:

Great video!! The info is on point. PS, I like the transformation you’ve made. You look sooo different here! Great job on your 2015 and beyond look!!

Noemi Fernandez says:

Quick question im really interested in making passive income w kindle an im about to get your program! Btw so excited! My question is you talk about how you hire people to write the books for you.. now do u already have all the information an they just write the book for you or do they also provide the information an you just pay the writer?

Financially Sound says:

How do you market your books? Do you need a popular blog to become successful at writing books?

Veronica Williams says:

There is no easy way to make money online. You need experience and hard work to succeed.

Andrew Routh says:

That’s some really good info

Michael Reyes says:

Amazon is a good place for beginners to earn an income online.

Joanne Smith says:

how do you choose your niche

Philip Zlokazov says:

wow is that Harry Kane?

jdjude says:

I would like to buy books on skin conditions, what are some of the titles?


All About Rae says:

Is There Any Way I Can Email You About You Potentially Giving Me Private Advice?

Romjan Ali says:


Lori Favela says:

it’s not easy to make passive income.  You really have to make sure that you choose a system that works for you..

Honey Pot says:

Stephan, when you purchase from a writer do you claim copyright when you publish your ebooks???

Jamie Reynolds says:

thanks so much for the information! great video!

Steve Dourdil says:

Nice video Stefan, thanks. Quite an eye-opener! Cool blog too 🙂

Eklesya says:

Awesome video, I truly believe that there is already a big shift going on from parents looking for ways to make money online because they will or are looking to home school their kids. There is a big rise of home school kids and those parents need a different way to make money, and the online making money idea is their best choice.

#SincerelyMakayla Allen says:

is this still the case today? I would love to learn more on how to write e books

Trill Gates says:

I am new to all of this.
What’s Kindle?

Gerry Gold says:

Hi where did you find writers to write your book? Did you give the writers the content for your book or did they do the research for  the book.

HelloImMatt says:

Does this still work on 2015?

Isaac Simpson says:

THANK YOU. Inspired and subscribed.

Stupendous Jia says:

Hi, great video.
How do you find the writers?
How do you rank your books to the top of search results?

Youtube Jarred says:

hay nick  i owe you a lot bro i learned to do kdp or first heard of it from your video and now ive been earning residual income from amazon kdp for a full year now thanks bro!

Mia Kar says:

wow thank you so much for sharing, this is genius

Bev's Weight Loss Journey "Mind Over Matter" says:

Thanks for sharing such great value! Speak of giving back from great returns…LoL.

Joanne Smith says:

I want to do this, but I have no clue where to start

champcash tv says:

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S.K JOSHI says:

Hey ..
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aap video bhut achi banate h
main bhi aapko kuch batana chata hoon
mere whatsapp no.7351629913 reply jaroor
karna sir

The Online Business Sage says:

great information, thanks for the video

nZn321 says:

okay.. but who gonna write a book for me???

Destruktor says:

Great video! but I have a doubt. I’d like to do something like that however, If somebody has enough knowledge to write a book or guide about something, why would he write that for me instead of easily publicate it? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

Stefan Kovacevic says:

Is this real?
Like does this work

Diamond Diva Princess says:

2 questons: did you sign up for KDP Select on Kindle? And what did you price the first books you wrote?

Nocturnal Radio says:

How do you own the book when someone else wrote it?

Online Income says:

It takes time and effort to earn income online. This guy is speaking the truth

Jevin Randhawa says:

Id buy youre services 🙂

Bon Galaban says:

really cool!

Emma Drew says:

I know this is an old video, but I find it interesting that you mention kindle, and I wonder whether that has changed for you recently (I’ll be checking out some of your other videos once I’ve finished this one!) but Kindle has done absolutely rubbish for me – last month it accounted for 0.05% of my online income, whereas I did really, really well from affiliate marketing. It just goes to show that there is no “one size fits all” method.

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