The Truth About Passive Income

Passive Income – Sure, passive income is great, but here are the dangers that everyone conveniently forgets to mention.

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Almost Good says:

Why are you purple?

G-Raff Asaurus says:

Excellent video Leo!! 🙂 😉
Thanks a lot!
A friend and I just talked last week about starting to look into passive income, so your video is a great start.I’ll share it with him.

ArashkG says:

Good video but you introduce two contradictory points:

1) once you have passive income, you go into “fear mode,” get stressed out and work constantly to grow and expand your business (which is motivating to get up in the morning).

2) once you have passive income, you become lazy and shrug off doing maintenance or expansion work and the business dies out.

I think you should discuss greater details and specify how/when/why each of these point happen. I say this only because I have personally gone through both of these phases and to someone who hasn’t previously experienced passive income, this may seem confusing.

rakaiza Andry says:

Excellent stuff as usual. You are an enlightened being Leo!

Erson Puyos says:

Great stuff, thanks!

Jagru Patel says:


Jim Fleming says:

Do you have any videos about setting up passive income to augment retirement income? And is it different in Canada as compared to the USA?

Jakub A. says:

o man what a pervert

Disruptive Ideas - always searching for new frontiers says:

Very lucid and to the point view. Very valuable video!!

Lavizzle says:

So few people sell their paintings for $1000000, and so few artists actualize themselves as artists because of the ‘square-job, self-loathing, partying’ cycle.

If you have a 6-figure passive income, you can paint 10 hours a day and feel great while becoming the greatest artist you could possibly be, and become your true self.

..or that’s how I see it.

So, approximately speaking, if I jump in hard right now, how long until I can make music all day, every day (minus maintenance)?

Jon G says:

You can’t outsource litterially your entire biz but u can come damn close. Besides if you like what you do its not all work. 😉

Elizabeth Dean says:

You lost me at “nice sushi” for $20…. lol.

Valters Stjadis says:

Awesome content and delivery attitude ! Thanks. 😉

Timothy Ward says:

Great video! You made some good points that I would never have thought of. Thanks for sharing!

SonnyBoy says:

I couldn’t agree more ! Passive income is a dream selling by clever online marketers…. and thats basically all …

Ramiro M says:

I can see right though all this BS now… this is a “hook” vid. gets you interested, makes you click on his other vids… HIS passive income technique is getting US stupid people to look and listen to him. just look at all the other “passive” income videos on Youtube… they are all trying and using the same technique. Here is mine: you want to make $1,000,000 in a year? send me $20 and I’ll tell you how I did it (get enough people to do it and tell them to do the same thing…) theres a sucker born every minute.

Passive Income Dude says:

hocuspocus, wrote two ebooks and sold them baby! On the way to become a millionaire. 🙂

Elijah Lorraine says:

how to passively get women?

Chuckie Gravesfield says:

5:22 ha this niggas choking up

Captain Gamrr says:

what if i become a investor, with this i dont have to work that much

Rovelyn Lee says:

to ponder “the more passive income you get, the more you balance it out with personal development”…..thanks leo

debdo1960 says:

I LOVE my passive income. I make more money NOT working than when I worked 50 hours a week!
I’m working on expansion and the only hard work I’m facing is working with county officials.

Michael Hurdle Production Studio says:

God only knows I needed to hear this. Sorry it took me so long to sub. It’s way overdue for a change.

arieal lewis says:

yeah but there is always a start up cost. and there always seems to be a huge start up cost so if I’m already broke I’m going to get more broke just trying to make some money this sounds like horse pucky

Asexualise My Asexual Life says:

Hi Leo, get video. What should I do? My huge dilemma is, I have already been thinking about the truth about passive income, is that you have to work damn hard – to create videos/newsletters/social media stuff/content, as well as maintain the service side of your business. Sure, you could outsource some of this, but you still need to know how to do it all in the first place and you know your audience better than anyone. Trying to get my own businesses off the ground – I had more time freedom when I came home from my day job and did whatever – but I was bored and not happy. So my life purpose is to write, it is what makes my heart leap and feel so great. But I am not hardly making pocket money from my 3 Kindle books so far. I am also destined to help asexuals in this world and have been building a brand around this – but it is currently not profitable and most of what I do is free. So now I have bought an online store template to have my own online training centre for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creatives, (but it was originally to help people embrace who they are, with all their quirks). I owe myself a lot of money for investment in myself and my business, so I need to get that money back and start being in profit, and this online store could be the solution to that and make passive income in the future, but there is just me to start, it will be tough. I have got some entrepreneur friends who will do courses too. The point is I have to spend time doing other work but cannot do my life purpose in that time. So I could just pursue my life purpose of writing, but I feel now I have to do something more to get money and leave my day job. I also love courses and learning myself. But I am already procrastinating about all of the work that I will not want to do with the online training centre – the service side, as I am more of the creative type. What do you think I should do? Create the training centre and then use the money to be at home and write??? Will this be possible, or will the passive income work stop me writing books?

Passive Income Dude says:

Hey actualized I am building a channel right now, also I try to get passive income 🙂

jean rodrigo Cassimiro says:

I create passive income so I can have more time to dedicate myself into my art. Can’t agree with you man. Perhaps if you get a full time job instead of dedicate yourself to your art, you can get fucked and never do what you’re meant to do. If you accept an opinion, be careful with exemples when you’re going to give exemples to people when explaining concepts. People might believe your experience is part of their reality and you can fuck people’s mind with that. This is about people’s dream. I believe people should work to explore their potential, their full power. and passive income can afford this. Taking as consideration you don’t need to work to survive, but to do better things you love. Be positive man!

John Henry Sheridan says:

Great video Leo! I appreciate your candid and authentic words. This resonates with me in a good way. Some other videos I’ve watched about this subject just kind of stress me out after tempting me with the carrot of receiving money without regular work. This however resonates, thank you!

Pedro says:

im not materialistic but I like to make money. lol

Mike Helps says:

thanks for the tips. I just started affiliate marketing I would like passive one day. I hate my current job and I hate working for people

Piano Pov says:


Litsa Stalitsa says:

Try this .. you are not going to be a millioner right NOW , but you are going to have the oprotunity to work and save money really..

Craig Spires says:

i hate this video what a waste of time

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