Top 10 Ways to Earn Passive Income I’m doing it right now!

Enroll in 12 Passive Income courses for just $9: gives you 10 ways to earn passive income. I’m currently doing it in 5 of the ways, and plan to experiment with the rest over the next few years. Here they are:

Teach Online Courses:

Many of you know that I have a number of online courses that I sell on sites such as,, or I began in October 2012, and it has been my most successful form of earning passive income. I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from selling courses. This money has helped pay for a car in cash, go on vacation to the Philippines, pay down student loans, buy an engagement ring, have a wedding, and lots more!

Sell eBooks on Amazon:

I started selling two eBooks on Amazon in October, 2014. One is about Teaching Online courses, and the other is about starting a Freelance Business. Since launching, they continue to sell about 5 copies per day. Averaging an extra $100 per month is amazing!

Start a YouTube channel:

A while back, YouTube started allowing anyone to become a partner and put ads on their videos. I know that you hate having to watch ads on YouTube, but on the other side of those ads is a creator who is trying to make a little bit of extra income through their hard work. I have two channels that bring in some extra dough each month – my Video School Online channel & my Cat Video channel. The cat channel video is making about $6 a month. It’s not a huge amount, but it does pay for a new toy or treat for our dear Zorah each month!
Cat YouTube Channel Earnings

Become an Affiliate:

If you have a website that contains useful information to viewers, you can put affiliate ads on the site. When someone clicks on those links and purchases something, you make a little bit of information. For example, on my resources page, I share some of my favorite resources including ThemeForest (where I purchase web themes from). I love sharing their website because I truly believe in them, and use them. It also helps the viewer out who is wanting to build their own website. And I get a few bucks when someone clicks through that link and buys something. You can become an Affiliate for most websites. Just scroll to the bottom of the website, and in the footer is usually a link for ‘affiliates’ or ‘partners.’

Investing for Retirement:

From a young age, I have always been smart about money. I remember being a teenager and keeping money in an Etrade account and investing in General Electric. This was my first retirement account. Now, I try to put away any extra money (mostly money made passively from the above methods) into retirement accounts and other investment accounts. Now, I’m not a financial advisor, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. But I think it’s really important to start saving now (or as early as possible). If you’re not already saving, it’s too late. Why is this passive income? Investing is literally the easiest way to make passive income. On average, the markets have increased about 7% since the beginning of the stock market. So each year, you can average about 7% returns. Adjusting for inflation, this may be closer to growing your money 3-5%. So if you have $100,000 in savings, you make an extra $7,000 per year. But you don’t have to start there. Start with $100. You’ll make about $7 on an average year. And grow from there.

The next 5 ways include:

Rental Properties

Website Ads

Selling Stock Photography

App Creation

Drop Shipping

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Bee Bug says:

This was a great sort of ‘brainstorming’ type of tutorial that generated several ideas in my mind, of how I could go about putting something together to start to dabble in ‘passive income’. While I don’t exactly know how to do each one in a step by step fashion, I did pluck a few of these ideas out that sounded like a good fit for me, and I will do more research to further explore putting them into action. Thank you!

Zz Z says:

I’m on that drop shipping.. gold.. thanks bro.. I have some land I rent in a few places.. need to expand the residuals..

volleyballboy36 says:

its neat to hear about oppprtunities available. but some of this seems a bit naive. maybe he’s doing it and seen others do it. or maybe doesn’t want to use this video to discuss the nuances of the subject. to give the impression “it’s so easy”, i don’t believe, prepares others for the hard work business demands. the shirt, for example. a person can’t just create a product and expect someone else to carry out the business perfectly, and/or not take advantage of the product creator. the creator needs to oversee and watch the process. if assistants believe the founder is absent, who can guarantee they won’t take advantage? I know someone this happened to. also, writing books take time, blood, sweat, and tears. especially if it’s of high quality. i think there are different categories for earning passive income, requiring various amounts of supervision and skill.

sexysensation says:

Concise and very informative, a genuinely helpful video and not click-bait. Many thanks!

Esther Bishop says:

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daily online? The moment you get started with this amazing strategy, you’ll understand what you really require to know about becoming a dotcom entrepreneur. I hope you’ll gains the similar success as I now enjoy.

Websites and Apps says:

Cool video! Your introduction skill is superb. keep up the good work 🙂

Roberto Gonzalez says:

This guy gives very good practical ways of making money.

The Lazy Plumber - Your Guide To Passive Income says:

Great video! Always nice to see other peoples results in getting passive income. For me affiliate marketing and kindle are a good way to go!

Victoria Islands says:

Great video! I have also  made a video on escaping the rat race on my channel. I hope to share if anyone can relate! <3

paris anderson says:

Great Video. I Just made $7,530 this month online completing surveys. Check it out if you want to make some fast money.

xAphenx says:

What the fuck?
Does the comment section have no clue what passive income is?
This guy is SPOT ON with every method. Yes, these require work UPFRONT. But that is all. Did you really expect people to hand you money with no upfront or scalable work at all?

supasye says:

this guy is living in his grandmas home with potato sacks for curtains. trust him.


love it…so informative and very helpful at all…

LoveCrazy says:

Those are not passive those are residual income examples, you work and you can make money from those things for some time after.

faiyazshaikh123 says:

Thanks for the video, can you make another one keeping it contemporary for 2017?

pranav singh says:

aabe dusro ki video dal kai dusro kai channel pr ulta sidha likh tah hai

John Smith says:

Great vedio

FLAC05 says:

What a great video! Thank you

Kris Hona says:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Corey Femling says:

This guy is a passive fucking idiot

Nate Dogg says:

screw this, I’ll just deal weapons to the military

Richard Inman says:

you seem like the real deal hope all goes well with your projects thanks for the ideas

SandyRocks says:

In how many years you achieved this passive income ? Need your help 🙂 Thanks

Easy money online says:

i share some great tips to make money online . all tips are in my description video

Valerie Atkinson says:

Hi Video School Online, I’m currently working from home. I’m a good Recruiter and prior to starting my own freelance Recruitment Service, I used to work for an UK-based International Recruitment Firm which I enjoyed until Brexit happened and things changed.

Firstly, good tips on how to make more income. I’m interested in expanding my own brand and also Recruitment. I forgot to mentioned that I was a regional trainer in my previous company as well. Do you think that I’d be able to convey, teach people to do recruitment as I have the knowledge and also experience in the field. How can I do this and make more money as I go?

Thank you so much.

Valerie Atkinson

Rob Stuart says:

teaching is not passive! Selling e books is not passive! YouTube is not passive!

Gilbert Avenis says:

thank you

Captain M says:

yo head look like a tater tot

mike gonz says:

Hey man. I gotta say. I had to have shared this video over 20 times with other people. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been able to succeed much with any yet, but I’m considering it should work out soon. What’s the update with your drop shipping adventure? Have you created a video on drop shipping

Vote With Bullets says:

If you were making any real money, you would not be wasting your time making youtube videos. I expect I could buy and sell your mother

P.S. selling is not passive. It is active.

Passive Income Dude says:

*HOCUSPOCUS I started my journed and made some $10 dollars passive income! GRIND FOR LIFE BABYGIRL!*

imdad ali Arain says:

Please suggest me best course of stock photography..

shawarmageddonit says:

Is it just me, or is his head disproportionately big compared to the rest of his body?

DV Advocate says:

Thanks for the info. Very informative. Good luck with your next five.

Makshare says:


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