Top 11 Passive Income Ideas 2019 (NO B.S. VIDEO)

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EARN MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP! — Already sounds like too good to be true! — But that’s what Passive Income gives you!

Because at the end of the day we all know Time is MORE Valuable than money — In this video, we’re looking how to stop trading your hours for Dollars (which gives you a fixed rate) And discovering how to GROW what you’re worth by pursuing weird passive income opportunities.

Here are 11 To look into in 2019.


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Disclaimer: Please always check with a professional before making any moves with your money. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is being given. Never listen to anyone online who tells you to not check with a professional!

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Financial Freedom [F.F] says:

Passive Income financial freedom❤

Glen Acord says:

Clark, why do you say your channel is for Millennials? What do you have against older people? 🙂

DannyZ says:

Refusing to Settle great talk!

P2P Pilot says:

My #1 go to for over 10 years of Passive Income has been Peer To Peer Lending!

fiesto11 says:

It’s funny how you called it 2019 ideas while it was all the same back in 2018, 2017, etc…… Many thanks for your video and hard work but there is nothing new here…. same content of last year…

Emily says:

Loved it! Refusing to settle!!

cohans124 says:

If you are struggling with your first few sales let me know I’m more than happy to help

Evgeni Simon says:

Yutube is good but only for few,

Mad Mad Viking says:

Did I hear you say you are in Washington? Sweet! On the west side of the state myself!

M's Craftbook says:

Clark, can you suggest some ideas to market the YouTube videos for free

Lori Favela says:


The Plan of Life says:

Refusing to Settle.

Great video. Lots of good ideas to get inspired and take action.

Jason Smith says:

YouTubers posting “2019” videos already… Just like how Walmart puts up Christmas stuff well before Thanksgiving…

Ernesto Possi Spanish Voice Over says:

Great job man!!!

Jermaine Jones says:

Honestly some of these aren’t original, but I tried them, can’t really complain tbh, I’m 19 and at uni. After taking a risk with some of these (not all because I didn’t have much money) and I’m making around 1k passive I know that’s not a lot a month but for a college student it’s a great start. Thanks man.

Nolimit Banks says:

Buy silver and gold now . While it’s cheap! It’s looking to 6x in value in the next few years.

sahmed says:

Hilarious doll things!!

Stephanie Coutu says:

Hi Clark, I love your video! I’m an Etsy seller myself and I can tell you, the girl who sells the planners on Etsy (PrintablePineapple) makes at least 300k/year in sales from printable products.Takes a lot of work to create all of these products but stores like these can generate relatively passive income over many years. Over 5 years, that’s still an extra 1.5M 🙂

Mark Smith says:

you can make money with *onlineprofitjobs .com* i have tested this. it’s working method

Destroy the Box with Brooks Conkle says:

Many folks can probably get overwhelmed by all this opportunity, but I love that you showed what is possible. I’d suggest folks pick just one of these and focus completely on it — thanks for creating!

BYW - Build Your World says:

Im building my channel now, its going to be something different 😀

Keely Mimnagh says:

Why is your top half of your face red and the bottom half is white

Coding Journey says:

Refusing to Settle. Love it 🙂 Keep it up man!!!

kiril kiril says:

Refusing to settle. Great video!

Victor Nichols - LaundromatSecrets says:

Laundromats are considered great passive income too

londonoalex says:

It’s refreshing to see such an informative video being so transparent. Ty

Nilay Engin says:

Great video explaining ideas brief and candidly!

SaffronTown says:

Remember there’s special place in Hell for you. 90% of These poor folks won’t even make it.

Jenna Gordon says:

Man I’m not trying to be rude, but NONE of these are original. I feel like I’ve seen a hundred passive income videos and ALL of these are in hundreds of other videos. Literally we hear this same stuff all the time nothing in here is original or something we haven’t heard 100s of times.

systematic101 says:

Incredible. We’re watching a time traveler. Can you tell me how the stock market looks in 2019? Which stocks have some nice big growth?

dmo group says:

Be different. Be unique . Be you !

Dan Laurentiu says:

okok ok okokko. I got the point but ! I’ve seen at least 3-4 scam websites during the last year alone ! (Thank God that i did not invest much). Bitconnect, Bitpetite, Lendex, resonance-capital and probably there are many more ! Let me tell you something. I can agree with you that are many resources, very good technology ! Very much potential to do good or create lots of things ! But if this was the case, our leaders could give us tones of money and everything we need if there was just a good will. My opinion is that we are being runned by satanits and we have been scammed all over our history ! They have the potential to do good but they wanna kill everything that moves on this planet ! Make no mistake about it, they are our mortal enemies ( especially from White House ) And one day, they wanna fight God !!!

AF Megat says:

Summary Passive Income for 2019
1. Youtube Videos : How – to Tutorial Videos
2. Digital Products : No overheads, no shipping, monetize your passions
3. Niche Blogging : Take a Simple small idea and do an entire website dedicated to that idea
4. Affiliate Marketing : get commission for promoting someone else’s products
5. Digital Publishing : kindle on amazon, etsy
6. Sell Your skills : ie. Photography, music, videos
7. Ecom Stores: dropshipping, Amazon FBA, shopify
8. FB ads Agency
9. Stock Market: High Dividend Stocks
10. Real Estate: Rent what you own, own what you rent
11. Sales Funnel : Collect leads, emails

A-Okay Metals! says:

Dude im so excited your starting to post videos again lol

meme says:

hey every one starting a channel support me please i will support you back thanks

Biophoton Mads says:

How to get Robinhood investing site/app in Europe?

Pro Paint Drywall says:

make them as long as you like, but how bout 1-11

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