Top 5 Passive Income Ideas 2018

Today we discuss the top 5 ways to make passive income in 2018. I make passive income from all 5 of these and you can too. Passive income is one of the keys to financial freedom in my opinion. I will share with you how to make passive income as well in here.
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Emily Mast says:

Here’s a tip. Write a script and try to avoid repetition.


I’m working on a how to get on reality tv course. Very very excited about it! $$$

Nuki Hamidovic says:

Thanks Jermey! Your the man.

Abade says:

How to create passive income: talk about passive income. ß

Carlos Colin says:

Did you sell all yl of your wynn like you said?! Down big today

Bill Norris says:

hey man thanks for your good ideas. for anyone who interested I am starting a new blog along this line @ Share Money Ideas
Thanks again

Merry Grace Evasco says:


Lukman Nul Hakim says:

How do i started

Jon Dawson says:

Uber driver? Videos of me doing cartwheels in my living room? Craigslist my moving services for furniture delivery?

PASSPORT kenny says:

@FinancialEducation You list YT but I think you have to take into consideration the new monetization rules I believe… 1k subscribers and 4000 hours of total watch time if I’m not mistaken. That adds up to alot of videos at a consistent rate. I like the idea most def but with recent changes it may require way way more work upfront. I do like the list though.

Gopal Teaches says:

One way of passive income he did not tell us about is captioning videos. companies pay you to caption videos, its an easy way to make money. in fact, i fed my entire village in bangalore by doing captioning. check out the video i did on it: /watch?v=VBdjBsdaCIk

Ahmad Habboub says:

U talked about this topic in like 4 videos before. This channel is just repetitive and a waste of time now. When are u going to have new ideas for your videos? Disliked

Chris Bishop says:

wow I can put down 100,000$ and get a whole 3,000 return every year??

Tha Hoova says:

All of these are not plausible forms of passive income for the average person. not everyone wants to/ has the skill to write a book or create videos on youtube. It takes a certain type of person for these things. I think you should think more about the people who dont want public exposure.. people who just want passive income

basket ball gamer ethan says:

Hey guys check out my YouTube videos basketball gamer ethan

Zee Investments says:

these methods are not passive, come on man.

Physco Rider says:

Passive income is not for me

Prakash Dwivedi says:

Very Nice Video sir
I’m going to share with you how you can generate income from the internet. I know, it’s quite a big claim to make… but you’ll see how easily it can be done. please check the link

irainkoolaid2 says:

Love your vids and stuff but you have definitely done this exact video before lol. Feel like I’ve seen this 3 times now from you.

nickalo5 says:

I might have to try writing a book, I have heard a few other people mention it, and they say it is one of there best passive income. streams.

Psycopathic cuntstable says:

Bought crypto, Chaincoin masternodes

Healthy Apps says:

Great ideas! And a great video! 🙂
I’ve actually started using this service a couple of months ago, , it’s a drop shipping bot that takes care of everything. I must say that the way it works really impresses me. Last month I made over $2500, and as passive as anything can be. All I did was to log in about twice a week and make sure that everything was running smoothly.

Keep up the great videos! 🙂

Sethu Nagappan says:

and what not =D

D K says:

I read Passive Income by Emma Hayes on Amazon

iTuber012 says:

I hope you took profits on WYNN

Calma's Vlogs says:

Could you do a video for teens on passive income?

Apple Crider says:

I am so into Youtube right now, and think that maybe someday I will monetize the channel by creating a product or service! Courses look like a very lucrative way to make passive income as I have seen Ryan Scribner do!
– Financial Freedom For Millennials Channel
Subscriber Goal 160/250

Iain Salter says:

Great video thanks big man

Rashedul islam says:

fast ways to make money

Live Trading says:

*_Awesome advice.The video training was reaIly helpfuI. Pro TooIs for Brokers Launches Binary Options Master Web PIatform.Just check out here>> _**_**_ .I think its Awesome advice_*

K. Weis Investments says:

I’m currently looking for products to sell on Amazon only found one that looks promising so far trying to find 5 different products so I can get a feel for it before committing a large amount of capitol. At the same time I am constantly trying to build up my investment YouTube channel. If anyone has any tips or advice I’d love to hear it.

Will The Thrill says:

I think Jeremy just told us he’s starting a flower planting course

M Aponte says:

Hey Jeremy, love your channel. Whats ur opinion about robo advisors?

Devil'sAdvocate says:

Better sell WYNN Jeremy. Sexual misconduct allegations on Steve. Shares are gonna plummet short term. May be a great buying opportunity actually!

Derp123tom says:

I live in te Netherlands and our dividend income tax is about to be changed to 0%.

datsunmadman says:

I am selling tampons on Amazon not joking.

Adam Micheal Jhon says:

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Felix Bracero says:

Evergreen Green Content!

Justin Geyskens says:

In Belgium, you’ll get taxed 30% on your dividends AND when it’s a foreign stock, you’ll have to pay their taxes too… So most of the time you’ll get taxed 50%…… Unless you fill in a document to lower your taxes, but that takes a lot paperwork too. i cri everytiem

Fitness Tech says:

hey Jeremy this is the best video YET!!!

Mika P. says:

Best passive income .. look at ..

Mary Landolt says:

Awesome information thank you!!

caedmonv55 says:

Your videos are too fast/high energy for me, I would prefer a more relaxed, measured approach. I’m sure you would be good at improv though.

rawkout says:

hey guys here’s my real passive ideas i made happen last year, hopefully more to come 2018!
1. rent out a room in my house 2. rent out part of my driveway for parking 3. stock photo selling on shutterstock 4. (probably won’t like this one as much) crytpo investing/trading!

good luck team! lets share our ideas!

AFINO says:

$300 a year.. amazing

RC Wolhar says:

I would never buy a course from this guy ….ever

Стоян Даскалов says:

I thinks to make a good passive income is not that easy task and it requires a responsible approach,
enough time,effort and patience invested and obviously a working strategy to follow.
Understanding and not underestimating the power social media is only one of the keys to success.
Set your goals,find what’s really working for you and have consistency.I personally have found a great plan I’m still following and my passive income have never been better

Jason Brown says:

Liked the video. Really wish i had something that im truely passionate about that i could incorporate into some extra income. Keep the videos coming!

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