Tutorial, Make Passive Income With Amazon Kindle publishing (Outsourcing KDP E-Books, Fiverr, Odesk)

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Make Passive Income With Amazon Kindle publishing (Outsourcing KDP E-Books, Fiverr, Odesk) In this video I talk about some of the ways I make a passive income on Amazon Kindle Publishing by outsourcing books and selling them on KDP.


pim1234 says:

Don’t let the haters get to you, there are much, much more people just waiting for your next vid !

Nancy Yager says:

Hey Cody. Thanks for the wonderful idea. If I publish a book in my niche, will it appear on my amazon site? Or just in the kindle book section?

egypt4000 says:

Awesome video as usual!.  Love that you share share share your knowledge, I had no idea about most of this stuff. Only Fiverr.  HATERS BE GONE!  Thats ok Cody, you provide more than enough free information and your time.  Many blessing in all  that you do. Great job!

Wick780 says:

I think I’m going to invest some of my other business profit and try this out for another source of income. My question is do you just list books, let them sit, and they sell? Or are you actively promoting them by building websites and lists? I don’t have a lot of time right now to get sucked into marketing a bunch of ebooks 🙂

Tom The English Picker says:

This may sound stupid question but do you provide the writers with any information or research or do they do all of that themselves ? I’ve thought about writing a short information ebooks about some of the things I bought in the past and guides on buying but the thought of writing it myself doesn’t appeal to me. I could talk to somebody all day long about the subjects but writing them down is quite hard for me

Danielle LaTouche says:

Thanks for this video!! You make it sound so exciting & easy! This sounds incredibly doable and I’m thinking I’d like to start this process step by step within the next few weeks. How long have you been creating/publishing eBooks here? At the end of the video, you mentioned that we could follow these steps and start making money. Is it safe to say that it could take a few months to a year before we see any sales? Is this process realistically like blogging where you work steadily for a year or two before you start seeing sales/profit? 

Persnickety Picker says:

No clue why you would get so many haters for giving out free info that helps people better themselves. I just don’t understand people. I have learned so much from watching your videos. My wife and I are now free from our jobs and making a living on eBay and Amazon!. While we aren’t rich yet, but we are well on our way to reaching our 1 year goals. Thanks for everything you do for others Cody.

Joseph Kinsey says:

thanks for the good info man, good stuff.

KimmyTs Treasures says:

I listened to this, before, but the more I am learning from both you and Steve on this subject, the more assured I am that I can do this…thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

SelfSage says:

Very interesting Video!! explains all the basics of Kindle! thanks !

Hoarding Profits says:

Sounds like you went through Stefans program, he’s awesome! Great vid.

Stephen Kelley says:

I appreciate your honesty. Too many people more concerned with selling “Get Rich” stuff. This is free and mostly complete information. Thank you Cody.

Adam Lee says:

This is a really nice and quite informative video indeed. I’m interested in selling stuff on Amazon and I’m currently investigating my options, i.e. going with the physical items option or kindle publishing. Outsourcing is a great idea that could help a great deal. Is that your only account with Odesk? Are your writers native English speakers?

Some people are saying that getting your book written by someone else will give you a really poor quality book that is unauthentic, short and fake. According to some, you could get bad reviews down the road despite making initial sales after requesting artificial reviews.

Mike Howell says:

+Cody Hawk Great video Cody packed with useful information.  However, it seems a little risky.  $50 a book and it may or may not sell that well.  If you are spending $50 and get $2 a sale then thats $25 copies before you break even.  How many failed books have you had?

Kong Yuen Sing says:

Thanks for taking so much time to share your real life experience in how to do kindle e-publishing. I have not published one e-book as I believe it is very difficult and time-consuming to get attractive e-book covers and formatting.

If possible, I will like to buy your book (if written) on the recommended virtual people you use for the whole project from ebook covers, virtual assistant for writing and a person for formatting and submission.

H.C.S. Miles says:

Invaluable!! THX!!!!!

pierre1122 says:

Thank. You’re a very god person.

K. Marie says:

Great information, Cody!  I’ve been slaving away writing all of my books myself, only fiction at the present time,  and never thought to outsource them.  I will give it a try.  A couple of questions: how do you keep an outsourced writer from claiming rights to your book?  Additionally, do you find that you have to provide a bibliography or other references for your non-fiction books or am  making this too complicated?

Gerald Davis says:

I am writing a website on cycling safety with some a list of cycling safety equipment.
I have writen content for this. The freelancer can edit this stuff for me, but how would I
help him to write content for this site. Do you have an ebook on this subject.

Anca Baciu says:

Thank you for sharing, realy!


Great content…as always!  have learned sooo much from your videos.. wondered what happened to the 12k Project..so many sick people out there…thanks for sticking with the people who appreciate and respect the work you put into sharing…lol

kissythecutie says:

omg i loved this video..i dont want to be nosey but how much do you make per month on kindle..is 10k per month doable?

Jack Smith says:

Hey Cody, How do you go about promoting your ebooks? Which would be some good methods for a beginner writer to help drive in sales?

InfiniteThePicker says:

Definitely the best KDP video I’ve watched so far and I’ve watched a lot. Thanks Cody!

L Ross says:

Thanks Cody! I am going to try this. This is great info and thanks so much for being truthful and helping out the community. Forget the haters! What else are they going to do? LOL!!!

Rob Aldridge says:

hey Cody just starting with Kindle/amazon books and just wanted to let you know this is very usefull and educational.
Good job! and thank you. Rob

Lia Mineiro says:

Could you please advise on how to pick a VA? do you have one to recommend?

Sunny B says:

This is amazing man. I’m 19 and go to university, also I live in Canada and I’m astounded by the lack of knowledge people have. Just starting to pick up Forex Trading now kindle hopefully websites soon then transition into a ”actual business” as many people call it even though the internet is a actual business.

Satori 泊 says:

How do you install minecraft mods?

I got a blacksreen

Bridal Perfection says:

brilliant, informative, definately giving me a lot more thought about myonline presence. thank you.  This is the 2nd vid of yours i’ve watched, I’m going to work through your vids – but you hooked me on the first one i watched, so great content!

Johnny Bravo says:

great video again!  Other than gifting free copies to reviews, do you do any additional promoting?

4555678 says:

If you hire people to write the ebook, how are copyrights handled?

Simon Gillmore says:

thanks heaps codie. Watched heaps of these and this is most indoors I’ve seen. Love to do your coaching programme. I’ll go have a look

Dave Koziel says:

Thanks for the shout out Cody! This video is golden man, It’s funny when you mentioned the “dog laying on a tack” story I was just listening to a podcast the other day that referred to it as a “mild fever” meaning you aren’t sick enough to do anything about it, same concept. Thank you for making this video, it was a great companion to everything we talked about the other day.

albert sneij says:

anyone knows how to change royalty on KDP from 35% to 70%

MsJenny813 says:

Cody, this video couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been “writing” my first kindle book for the past month or so. I’m a huge procrastinator though, so I feel like I’m stuck. I’m like the dog that won’t get off the tack. Anyhow, you pointed me in the right direction and now I can follow your advice and work on the things I do best….FBA in Q4!!  =) Thanks!

Jan Kar says:

Great video! Thanks! What do you think of http://www.paperrater.com/ for checking for plagarism?


Nice vid thanks for sharing all your info

BayDreams2014 says:

Cody, I just got started on amazon merchant shipped , and I love the ease of listing, but im told the real money is in fba, but I do not understand all the labeling and such, please advise

Dave The Jabroni says:

wow thank you very detailed.

James Halpin says:

Hey Cody,
I just want to say “thank you” for what you’re doing here. Yourself as well as Raiken Profit, Jason Bracht, and a few others, have been a tremendous help to me as far as getting started with this whole thing. I published by first ebook yesterday. If it’s not asking too much, I’d appreciate it if you would check it out and let me know what you think. I’d really like to get the ball rolling with it because I’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure it’s a fascinating read. Here’s the link: 
thanks again. 

Tim Berg says:

How many ebooks have you published?

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