What is Passive Income? How to build Passive Income? SugarMamma explains…

Hi Everyone! This video is all about PASSIVE INCOME! It is the key to becoming financially free and living the life of your dreams! It is never to late to start building passive income and in fact the earlier you start, the MUCH better off you will be AND the easier it will be!

I really hope you enjoy this video and I explain what passive income is….! As always, I love to hear from you and please feel free to share this with any of your friends that would benefit from this very valuable and powerful information.

Don’t forget you have so much power within yourself to make amazing changes and shifts that can take your life on a much more empowering path!



Daniya Hashmi says:

Thank you soo much for this lovely advise.. This video is really inspiring.. Hope I find out ways to build passive income too.. Thanks again

jennmattnick says:

Can you do a more detailed video on this topic?  How do you go about investing money?  How do you know what to invest in?  Looking forward to more videos 🙂

Joey Arthur Zooberry says:

I just came across your videos for the first time today. I’m curious to know what you think about network marketing

Marissa Coventry says:

i have just subscribed, how often do you post?

Claudia H says:

Excited to build passive income! Looking forward to your next videos 🙂

Anna bella says:

Im working on building my passive income this summer . My goal is to build up $1500-2000 passive income by the end of the year through Amazon.


Found you via Chloe Morello. And this is such a great channel, looking forward to more of your vids

caramaryjane says:

Loving the videos so far. I am 19 years old and trying to start saving for a house whilst studying full time, also wanting to save for overseas holidays etc. I am struggling in terms of getting my head around savings accounts and what to put where. I have an everyday account and an online saver account. At the moment I save around 50-80% of my pay into my savings account. However I feel as I dip into for holidays, presents etc it is really impacting my ability to develop long term savings for the future. Just wondering if you could make some videos about starting savings and investing from a young age and student wages.

imaginarydiva says:

Could you list the where you got your outfits from in the tab bar as well as the candle in the background in all your videos? I love the items you have styled together and want to know where Im able to purchase them!

Stephanie Mungaray says:

Great video just wish you were more in depth

Kristen Graham says:

Thank you Canna, You break finance down so that its easy to understand. Thank you. I love watching your videos each week. Learning so much from you and you are inspiring and empowering me. 

Love Kristen

Vireeya Kemrugka says:

Would you suggest building a passive income through online brokerage? Is it safe?

Cleona Coogan says:

After years of watching YouTube videos I never subscribed to anyone’s channel. You are truly an inspiration. Looking forward to tuning in from time to time. All the best.

Martina Antonelic says:

I’m so glad I found this channel! Keep up the good work 🙂

apac ny says:

You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for making these videos!! I am working up a strategy to start earning passive income. Financial stability here I come!!!!

Sarah Robinson says:

You’ve inspired me to save some money via collecting change but I’m wondering once I have this money where do I go and what kind of account so I put it in?

wfoag says:

Canna! thank you so much for putting your own precious time and effort in making videos and sharing your knowledge. They are honestly inspiring me and helping me so much right now. Hope you keep them coming 🙂

Amanda Baby says:

would love to know more about investments/shares and how much you need to get started? what are the best things to invest/ shares in? what to avoid? and etc.

Mahesh Galaxy Edge says:

I want my sugar bitch

wogboy82 says:

Hi, do you take on clients online for investing advice for people who want to invest in shares? I want to build a portfolio but need help as far as what kind of shares are good for my goals as I obviously want to buy quality shares

Gino Zambelli says:

great advice on money, UK uni student here. The way you relay ideas is great. you have just earned a new subscriber ☺. Also just want to say you are absolutely stunning, wow (hope that doesn’t sound weird haha)

Jillianne Smith says:

SM Canna, I am so happy to discover your work! SO happy, I love playing with numbers and you have a practical real-life approach. Let me know when you’re book comes out……if possible could you please do a video on a investments model?

Sanda Mi says:

How do i buy shares safely and have no worry about it being stolen from me? How do i know that the company that i buy shares from is not going to file for bankruptcy? Do i need to insure my money? and if yes, how does that work? thank you!

William says:

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bambino bambintee says:

Hi sugarmamma

whats the best way to contact you regarding some financial help?

Jessica Somers says:

Hi Canna, 
I am loving your videos and seeing you become more and more confident in front of the camera every week. I can’t wait for your upcoming videos on building passive income! 
Keep up the great work – you’re keeping me super inspired to continue working towards financial freedom 🙂

Amanda Remotto says:

How can students (or people with little salary and no savings yet) build a passive income source ? The idea I have is that we need to have a substancial amount of money first to be able to invest on something. Prove me wrong, please haha.

Patricia Rosieur says:

How do i get an investment portfolio in New Zealand? Do i need to go through a financial adviser? Also im a student so I dont have a lot of income, how much money do i need to earn a passive income?

Zineb D says:

Thank you, amazing channel! I wish I was taught in high school everyday finance. Instead I entered university without knowledge of how credit cards, student loans and my general finances work. Would have saved me lots of confusion and stress.  I am finally starting to make smart financial decisions at 21. This is a very inspiring channel , thank you again <3

Bringing Moms Home says:

Hi, I just found this channel and I love it! This is exactly what I do, I help mom’s build multiple sources of income at home, I also focus on passive streams of income. Just started this channel, any tips? I would love to share this video on my blogs if that’s ok. I think this topic is so super important!!!!!!

MsYaYa37 says:

You’ve inspired me to get a financial coach but I’m in the uk. Could you give tips on what to look for when looking for a financial coach.

Ferricity AMV says:

Is education an Asset or a Liability.

Jacqui Zielinski says:

Great video!! I would love to see a video on building a passive income through starting a share portfolio (for beginners). xx

Sophie Picton says:

could you do a video explaining shares and how to start?

Basimah Memon says:

This is exactly what I need. I can’t wait to start my own passive income journey. I am 24 but still a university student, always struggling financially and just became use to this uneasy lifestyle. Can’t wait to turn this around. Looking forward to more of your videos!

Ava Kristin says:

So happy I found you through Chloe Morello! I can’t wait for more videos!

Sarah Copland says:

It would be great to know about the risks associated with investing in shares…you could lose money as well as gain it right? Thanks Sarah

selen carikci says:

hi im loving your videos! could u do a video more in depth about investing? such as what age is the legal age in australia and what is a good age to start with investing? how much you have to start with to invest? what to invest in exactly ? etc ! thank u and keep up the good work!

FlourishingBeauty18 says:

Hi there. I am absolutely loving this channel. I have watched every single video and you have been incredibly help. This might sound like a silly question but I was wondering what courses I would need to take to become a financial advisor in Australia? I have looked it up online but I seem to be getting a lot of different answers. It is a career that I find very interesting and I would love to help people create the lifestyle and freedom that they want.

Peony Pink says:

I have a mortgage (large one) and a serious HECS debt, with quite a low income. Would you recommend I focus on paying these debts off first, before I think of even creating a passive income? I’d like to see a financial planner, but I always feel like they’re for people who earn more than I do.

Nabila a says:

Hi sugar mamma
I was wondering what are the best ways to creating a passive income portfolio without interest. I hate the idea of interest whether Its given or received

Thank you we need more sugar mammal like you out there

Rashaw Leggs says:

You can be my Suga Mamma awesome video great content.

Julia Judlin says:

Can’t wait for your next video on this! I’m starting a new job soon and while my first goal is to pay off my student loan debt, I’m really excited to learn more about how I could establish passive income in the future 🙂 Thanks so much for all that you do!

AhoyCaptainJade says:

Please do a video on shares and how to get them etc when you have a very small income!

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